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Feature: 5 Top-Tips To Keep Your Vegan Lunches In Tip Top Shape

Niki Webster, the founder of RebelRecipes, shares her top tips for some excellent vegan lunches.

A lot of vegan dishes which are perfect for lunch include raw or cooked vegetables which can easily change in texture and stability when transported to the office or left for a few hours – when you forget to pop them into the work’s fridge!!

And we know first-hand just how hard it can be when dining al’desco in keeping all the flavour and staying away from any unnecessary mess so we have put together our trusty top tips on how to keep your creations in their tip-top state – saving you from a soggy sandwich and a limp salad.

1 – Keep your dips, dippable

Pre-make your dip the night before, spoon a few spoonsful into an ice-cube tray and freeze. Just before you head out, pop the frozen dip cubes in the tub alongside the rest of the dip. Then when you are ready to eat just stir the melted cold dip into the rest to keep it cold and spoon or dip-able.

2 – Mix it up on the spot

Save salads from going limp by mixing it up at the last minute, right before you chow down. Transfer the ingredients in separate Tupperware containers [ pair similar textural ingredients together, such as hard and dry, carrots, cucumber, celery ETC and wet, tomato, olives] to your dining spot with your dressing in a small bottle. Add all ingredients including the dressing into a Tupperware with a lid and shake to combine.

3 – Banish the sogginess

Prevent sandwiches from going soggy by toasting the bread slightly before assembling. Remove from the toaster/grill before it goes golden – you are looking for a crisp exterior without a change in colour. Or try rubbing a small amount of olive oil on the inside of the bread before adding your fillings. This will create a barrier and stop your filling from causing a soggy mess.

4 – Avoid packaging

Where possible, avoid packing your dishes into containers which can cause an excess of moisture escaping the dishes and causing a wet mess. Try wrapping products in string/twine or newspaper. Transfer home-made tarts or pastries in their dishes with a tea-towel wrapped around them.

5 –Freshen up

Freshen up dishes such as salads including rice, quinoa, pasta or potato and a whole variety of dips by adding in a bunch of fresh ripped herbs and a splash of oil or lemon juice right before eating. Not only will this add extra flavour, but it will also help to lift dishes that have been sitting around for a while and become a little dense. Either purchase the herbs at the last minute on the way to the office or transfer home-grown or previously brought herbs in a jar or bottle of water with plenty of ice-cubes. This water can then be used as a refreshing drink.

And why not try some of these delicious alternative lunch options? Using some of our best-loved and tried and tested recipes as well as some brand-new creations specifically created for this year we have a menu of delectable dishes including a fresh heirloom tomato tart with a crispy walnut base, a delightful take on the classic potato salad which sees the recipe swap the traditional condiment for a zingy tzatziki, and a ‘throw-everything-in’ zero waste roasted vegetable and bean salsa. With elderflower cupcakes with a tangy lemon frosting or a slice of raspberry Bakewell tart for dessert.


This article has been written by Niki Webster, founder of RebelRecipes, the delicious and easy to follow vegan blog and soon-to-launch cookbook that hero's vegetables in their wholesome simplicity.

Niki Webster's Rebel Recipes publishes December 26th (Bloomsbury). For more recipe inspiration visit

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