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AirCook For You Launches Virtual Events And Cook-Alongs

AirCook For You, a digital platform that connects local chefs, home cooks and bakers with foodies across the UK has launched its Virtual Cook-Alongs and events to bring you a new generation of home cooks and bakers.

The platform brings a different dining experience type through its various dining initiatives such as supper clubs co-hosted by AirCook For You and local chefs and cooks.

The idea is to bring together a community of foodies and individuals looking for a specific culinary or authentic experience. An authentic meal or experience could be a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, BBQ, a picnic or a wine tasting. All based around the region or the culture you raised in using an original or family recipe.

The Founder of AirCook For You, Elena Leeming decided to launch the virtual format experiences to keep the community connected and entertained during these unprecedented times.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, Elena looked for an alternative way to keep the business going. However, during the national lockdown, she realised that there was a lot of interest in home cooking and baking as people could not eat or dine out at their favourite local restaurants.

In response to this, she decided to re-shape the business model to focus more on virtual services and events and home cooking and baking offers.

AirCook For You is currently seeking home cooks and bakers who are passionate about all things food. If you love cooking and have been longing to share or showcase your unique home cooking skills to a broader audience, AirCook For You would love for you to join them and take part in their Virtual Events and Cook Alongs.

You will be joining an enthusiastic community, helping many to improve their kitchen skills, raising your own profile and hopefully making some new connections too!

For further details or to participate in these events head over to,

email or drop a message via Social Media channels

Instagram @aircook4you

Facebook AirCookForYou


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