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Alex Claridge from The Wilderness says "NO BAB"

Established Birmingham indies The Wilderness and Punks & Chancers have embarked on a new collaboration to raise some well-deserved money for local homeless charity SIFA Fireside.

Energetic and Ethical clothing brand Punks and Chancers, well known for their iconic ‘YES BAB’ t-shirts, have worked with The Wilderness to create their latest product a ‘NO BAB’ t-shirt.

The campaign encompasses everything Zoe Barry (Punks and Chancers) and Alex Claridge (The Wilderness) want to say ‘NO BAB’ too, with the similar key message being say no to homelessness.

For every t-shirt sold £5 will be donated to SIFA Fireside, a Digbeth based charity who are improving health and inclusion for homeless people in Birmingham. SIFA Fireside runs a drop-in centre in Digbeth aiming to provide a warm, healthy and welcoming environment: whilst offering basic necessities such as food, shelter, showers, clothing and sleeping bags amongst all else. Open five days a week, the centre, through the help of partner agencies, also offers health care such as a primary care nursing clinic twice a week, a mental health triage centre, a weekly eye clinic and alcohol and substance misuse support amongst many other services.

Alex Claridge, Chef Owner, from The Wilderness commented on the partnership; ‘I can't get enough of Punks and Chancers and anyone else flying the flag for the city I love, but part of loving our city is recognising where we need to help and where we have a way to go. SIFA Fireside is an incredible organisation, who deserve more recognition and support for the tireless work they do supporting some of the city’s most vulnerable people. The t-shirt is both a celebration and a chance to help - buy two.’

The ‘NO BAB’ unisex t-shirts cost £25 (£5 of which is donated directly to SIFA) and range from sizes small to extra-large. The tees are now available to purchase from the Punks and Chancers online store at and have already had a great reception with £500 already raised for SIFA Fireside.

To find out more about the fantastic work SIFA Fireside do, or to see how you can get involved, visit

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