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Review: AnySharp

Writer Hannah Howard takes a look at the latest knife sharpener to hit the market from AnySharp.

Everyone has the knife in the back of a drawer they’re scared to use. Not because they’re too sharp, but quite the opposite. The fact is you’re far more likely to hurt yourself with a dull knife than a sharp knife. I’m a clumsy woman I can’t take the extra risk and yet my collection of knives is not as sharp as they probably should be.

Many of us, myself included are not the most comfortable with the idea of sharpening knives. Images of sharpening steels being brandished by chefs and whetstones wielded with scientific precision. The fear of cutting yourself if it goes wrong, always looming.

Enter the AnySharp Knife Sharpener.

Available in a range of colours to suit your kitchen, the AnySharp is light, stylish and compact for easy storage. The sharpening edge is set to an optimal 20º on both sides to ensure diamond precision and a razor sharp cutting edge and it has a polymer guard so there’s no risk of ruining your newly sharpened The Power Grip suction secures the AnySharp to any flat surface to ensure you can sharpen quickly safely and effortlessly.

My everyday santoku has seen better days so what better opportunity to get it back to its former glory. I also have a paring knife that doesn’t fit into regular waterwheel sharpeners so the open sharpening surface of the AnySharp is so handy!

Only light pressure is needed and in just a few strokes my knives are ready for the tomato test. I managed to create wafer-thin slices of tomato with no pressure, I “oooh’ed” so loud I felt like I was in the audience of an infomercial you see at 2am. My knives are now ready for anything and will be for some time to come thank s to the Any Sharp. If you value your knives, it's vital.

AnySharp has a 10yr warranty and is available on from Lakeland


Chatting Food Contributor: Hannah Howard

Hannah is the original Foodie Tart. Writer, Recipe Creator, Cook and restaurant reviewer, Hannah lives for good food.

Hannah reviews products for Chatting Food and looks after restaurant reviews across the North East.

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