Battered Deep Fried Creme Egg?

We're on the fence - but it is for a good cause!

Simpsons Fish & Chip Shop in Cheltenham has brought back its egg-stremely popular deep-fried Cadbury Creme Egg.

From now until 20 April the family-run chippy will be donating 50% of the £2 egg (£1) from each sale to the British Hen Welfare Trust, the largest hen rescue charity in the UK.

Simpsons have put together various suggestions on how to eat this deep-fried delicacy, whether it’s crack it open and pour it into the mouth, use a spoon, dip a chip, or simply pop it in all in one.

Co-founder Bonny Ritchie, of Simpsons Fish & Chips

Co-founder Bonny Ritchie, of Simpsons Fish & Chips, said:

“Our battered Creme Egg is without doubt one of the most loved of our specials and if we didn’t bring it back, I’d predict a riot! Every year we raise money for the British Hen Welfare trust, and over the past 5 years we have sold well over 1000 eggs.”

“Timing is key with this cracking creation – we fry the batter until it’s deliciously crispy which lightly warms the egg but ensures it stays firm. It’s truly delicious.”

From now until the Easter weekend, visitors can sample the egg-squisite creation for £2 at the award-winning chip shop in Priors Road, Cheltenham.