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#TryItThursday - Top 3 Products To Try This Week

Thursday is absolutely nearly Friday, and so what better time to grab some product inspiration and treat yourself to something new to try this weekend. This week we look at an eco-conscious rose, roasted fava beans full of flavour, and a new kefir cheddar in the supermarket.


Makan Snacks has launched its brand-new savoury range of Crunchy Roasted Fava Beans, containing one third less fat than nuts, and high in fibre and protein. Fava Beans are a perfect alternative to nuts or crisps, and a pack a day keeps the afternoon hunger at bay.

The range is available in three flavours – sea salt & balsamic vinegar, simply sea salt and miso & seaweed.

Available from: Amazon

Price: £17 for a pack of 10

Eco Conscious Provence Rose

Eco-conscious wine brand Sea Change has launched its first premium wine, a refreshing, crisp and light Provence Rosé from awarding winning Chateau Pigoudet in the heart of Southern France. With each sip of this delightful rosé you will be transported to warm summer nights in the beautiful Provence region.

Sea Change Provence Rosé is fresh and zesty with delicate hints of grapefruit, white peach and tropical pineapple. A perfectly balanced rosé that won’t fail to impress. This exquisite wine can be enjoyed with lighter dishes and compliments fresh seafood dishes.

As with all Sea Change wines, the packaging has been minimised and the unnecessary plastic wrap covering the closure removed. Additionally, Sea Change Provence Rosé uses a new, environmentally friendly label material called ‘Natureflex clear’ which is made solely from plant cellulose.  The label is fully biodegradable and compostable; an amazing piece of eco-focused packaging innovation. 

Available from: Sea Change

Price: From £15.99 per bottle (multi-buy offers available)

Singletons & Co launches Kefir Cheddar through Cultured Cheese Company

Lancashire-based Singletons & Co., the family-owned cheesemaker which can trace its cheese handcrafting roots in Lancashire back to 1745, has launched an innovative new cheese made using live kefir cultures.

Kefir Cheddar comes under a new brand from Singletons & Co. called the Cultured Cheese Company and is being stocked in 300 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Handcrafted using local milk and the cheesemaker’s five generations of cheesemaking expertise, this Cheddar has a mild, yoghurty flavour and hits shelves on July 12th.

It is a fully versatile cheese, perfect on a cheeseboard, makes a tantalising sandwich, cheese on toast and excellent grated on your meal, too.

Available from: Sainsbury's

Price From £2


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