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Bushmills Irish Whiskey launches Black Bush Stories events with exclusive cheese and whiskey event

Whiskey + Cheese x Joel Harrison = No complaining

Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey is hosting an exclusive cheese and whiskey workshop where you learn how to pair Bushmills whiskeys and artisan cheese - and even make your own cheese.

The event is free of charge, but to be in with a chance of attending you will have to apply by ballot.

The workshop kicks off Bushmills Black Bush Stories, a series of events that seek to shine a light on the talented makers whose passion and skill chime with Bushmills’ own product story. The calendar of activities will take place throughout 2019 in London and beyond, inviting participants to explore a range of crafts, meet a host of inspiring makers and get hands on with unique workshops.

The Bushmills Black Bush Stories whiskey and cheese workshop will be hosted by whiskey expert and award winning TV presenter Joel Harrison.

Guests will be invited to explore a selection of artisan cheeses, chosen by founder of The Cheese Tasting Company, Ned Palmer to be paired with a range of Bushmills whiskeys, selected by Bushmills ambassador, Donal McLynn.

Guests have the chance to explore a complimentary palate of flavour-pairings, and are able to try cheese making for themselves first-hand. Under Ned’s expert tuition, each guest will be able to inject their own personality into their culinary creation, by applying up to twelve different cheese flavourings including chocolate, chilli flakes, mint, dill, raisins, candied lemon peel or cranberries to compliment or contrast with the flavours in the whiskeys.

Apply for the chance to be at the event

Where: TT Liquor, 17B Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AA

When: Wednesday 20th March from 6.30pm until 9.30pm

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