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Get In A Spin And Drink a Cocktail Made By A Whirlpool

Bompas & Parr and the Captain Morgan Rum Company begin serving guests cocktails shaken up by world's first rum-based Tiki whirlpool creator.

As Bompas & Parr's Lost Lagoon enters its final few weeks, guests will be given the opportunity to drink a cocktail that's shaken up without human involvement.

A glitter-filled whirlpool will take pride of place on the counter of Lost Lagoon's Tiki bar, mixing up a bespoke Whirlpool Wassailer rum cocktail, with Captain Morgan white rum, ginger and almond falernum and topped up with tropical soda for guests to purchase. It's a bespoke piece of mixology technology created by Bompas & Parr that shakes cocktails by whirling them continually as though in a vortex. Guests can enjoy the world's first Rum cocktail created by a whirlpool - it's delicious and it's also a visually fascinating thing to see.

The whirling waters are to be found at the celebratory conclusion of the sea-faring voyage that guests will undertake at The Lost Lagoon: a ticketed theatrical immersive experience presented by Bompas & Parr and Captain Morgan running in West London.

On this nautical adventure guests paddle across an underground man-made lagoon, gathering the ingredients from islands to make their own Rum punch. Tickets are from £25 including two free drinks and are selling fast with the event running until early April.

Tickets can be bought at

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