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#Drinkstagram at Novotel

*SNAP SNAP* From Valencia to Sierra, you can now drink your favourite photo filters.

I mean, is there anything more millennial?

Cocktail fans can now sip and snap, thanks to the launch of an Instagram-themed drinks menu at Novotel. The 'Drinkstagram' menu consists of delicious drinks designed to be photo-ready and filter-friendly, named after Instagram filters such as Sierra, Juno and Valencia.

Each of the five new cocktails are designed to look best when captured using their namesake filter, to help people drive likes on their social channels with captivating cocktail content. So whether you are looking to make bright colours pop, or dial up the contrast, just select the namesake filter and get snapping.

Full #NovotelDrinkstagram cocktail list

  • X Pro II From £7.15 Hendricks gin, fresh lime juice,raspberry syrup, ginger beer

  • CREMA From £7.15 Tia Maria, Eristoff, espresso

  • SIERRA From £7.65  Sipsmith lemon drizzle gin, prosecco

  • JUNO From £7.15 Disaronno, cranberry juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup VALENCIA From £7.00 Boe Violet Gin & 1783 Light Tonic with blueberries

To help aspiring Instagrammers capture their cocktail’s best side, each Novotel hotel bar will also have a ‘Drinkstagram Studio’, a professional mini-studio complete with tips and tricks for hitting your angles and making your content pop.

All cocktails are available from selected Novotel bars from just £7. Share your snaps use the hashtag #novoteldrinkstagram and tag in @novotelhotels on Instagram.

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