Feature: Easter Eggs and Treats

We know that Easter will be very different this year, with many families separated and celebration potentially a little further down on everyone's list at the moment.

We’ve rounded up our pick of Easter treats, just in case you can add them to your online shop - and we hope they can be shared in the future. Stay safe.

Heston From Waitrose & Partners

Magician of sweet treats Heston Blumental’s Waitrose range never disappoints – we love the sound of these White Chocolate Hens Eggs. The realistic-looking chocolate eggs have a soft and sticky two-tone banoffee centre, with layers of fresh banana purée ganache and dark chocolate caramel ganache.


Joe & Seph's Chocolate Popcorn Mini Eggs

North London-based family of popcorn makers, Joe & Steph’s have a new product out just in time for Easter - Chocolate Popcorn Mini Eggs! Founder Joseph Sopher created the popcorn eggs after many late nights experimenting in his kitchen. Extra-large popcorn kernels are coated by hand in Joe & Seph’s salted caramel sauce and each piece of popcorn is individually placed in an egg-shaped cup of milk chocolate. Great for egg hunts!


Cutter & Squidge

Winning hands down for the most fun and colourful is Cutter & Squidge Funfetti Egg. A decadent looking milk chocolate shell filled with caramel sauce and layered with chocolate sponge and creamy pink white chocolate ganache. Inside it’s packed full of mini eggs and topped with funfetti sprinkles, crunchy white crispy pearls and salty pretzels. What an artwork! Check out the rest of the equally impressive looking range on their website.


Fortnum & Masons Asparagus Spears

Ok, not an actual ‘egg’, but if you’re looking for an adult Easter gift we LOVE these hand painted gin & tonic flavoured chocolate hand-painted asparagus spears at Fortnum & Mason.


Buttermilk Non Dairy Choc Honeycomb Egg

Vegan’s can take their pick this Easter with an increasing amount of dairy-free options around. Family-