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Feature: The Best Desserts - The Results Are In

Brits love desserts. From sticky toffee pudding to mince pies, we have perfected the craft of dessert making over the years to satisfy our sweet tooth.

And with the recent events that force us to stay at home, we can find comfort in our favourite sweet treats.

However, there is one question that can either unite or break us: what are the best British desserts? In order to put an end to this dilemma, the dessert experts at made a survey which asked 1,788 Brits what their preferences are.

Is your favourite on top, or are you about to be fuming?

These are the GOD tier British desserts, as voted by you

The results are in, and can reveal that the nation’s favourite desserts are the famous sticky toffee pudding, mouth-watering profiteroles, the classy but sassy red velvet and the spot-hitting tiramisu.

When it comes to the second row of favourites, the TOP tier desserts as voted by Brits are the quintessential British Victoria Sponge, brownies, the very well baked bakewell tart, and the not so British but still much-loved eclairs.

What are the least-loved British desserts as voted by Brits

We talked the best, now it is time to reveal the worst (as voted by you).

Jackandbeyond can reveal that the “WORST” tier desserts are the no-surprise-there fruit cake, the not so angelic angel cake, and the very festive mince pie, followed by the even more festive Christmas pudding. In conclusion, Brits hate Christmas!

Maybe not… But it definitely seems we aren’t fans of festive desserts!

In the BLAND tier, we can find the rice pudding, carrot cake, banoffee pie and the English trifle.

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