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Feature: The Top Wine Wedding Trends for 2020

Knowing which wines to have at your wedding can be one of the trickiest decisions to make. Does the wine go with your menu? How do you choose a selection that all guests will love? And how about a wine that truly means something to you as a couple?

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Here are 10 wine trends that the experts at exclusive wine club, think will be big hits for 2020.

Sam Tyson, Wine Expert at says: 

1. Destination Weddings – Destination weddings will continue to be popular in 2020 and this often means a smaller guest list, meaning couples can choose quality over quantity when it comes to wine. They’re unafraid to spend more money on fewer bottles their loved ones can enjoy.  Of course, one of the most popular venues for a destination wedding is a vineyard which makes choosing wine so much easier!

2. Rosé – While many couples just offer their guests a red or white wine option, the growing popularity of rosé is encouraging couples to choose a third bottle. I would suggest the elegant, sparkling Hindleap Rosé from the Bluebell Vineyard Estate in East Sussex.  Worth £27.95 each, it is a blend of Champagne grapes, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and has delicate aromas of rose petal, wild strawberry and ripe raspberry on the nose, underpinned by redcurrant and juicy nectarine notes which give a rounded wine with a creamy finish.  Well balanced and with excellent structure, it has a dry, delicate and long finish, making it ideal as a summer aperitif. ABV 12%.

3. Punch – When it comes to winter weddings, we anticipate the rising popularity of punches.  They create a fabulous talking point, can be made and served in bulk, making them affordable and quirky. 

4. Self-service – More and more couples are choosing to create self-service bars, beer taps and 70s style cocktail bars at their weddings which I anticipate to only rise in 2020.  While arguably dangerous particularly amongst those more indulgent among us, they do make life easier for the bride and groom and give a more casual approach.  

5. Sustainable – People are thinking more about the world around them, and that also comes into play when they’re organising their wedding days. Couples are choosing wines that didn’t travel hundreds of air miles to get there, instead selecting English or European options.  Many are also selecting boxes rather than multiple bottles which is not only the most sustainable way of transporting wines, but the cheapest.  One such hit is the five litre Bag in Box Sauvignon Blanc by Guy Allion in the Loire Valley.  The former stigma against this style of packaging had more to do with the wine inside rather than the format and for weddings, wines like this from one of the better producers of Touraine, are incredibly convenient to chill whilst saving an awful lot of carbon in shipping and packaging.  £62.50 per bottle ABV 12%.

7. Organic – Organic wine has hugely risen in popularity in recent times and we anticipate that to only increase when wedding season arrives. An affordable yet stunning option is the Tempranillo from Dehesa de Luna in the Albacete region in Spain. At just £6 a bottle, this sweet red is rapidly becoming a household favourite. Grown on a biodiversity reserve, this wine is exactly what has made the world fall in love with Spanish wines. ABV: 14%.

8. Wines that tell a story – Weddings are a time to stop and celebrate your life and family around you. I anticipate a trend in couples choosing wines that mean something extra special to them. So, they might serve the wine they shared on their first date, or a bottle that was from the village their grandmother was from, or wine from the vineyard from one of their favourite holiday destinations they went to together. 

9. Farewell Champagne – While Champagne is wonderful and luxurious, many couples are looking for other options that are more sustainable and unique.  I anticipate English sparkling wines to continue to rise in popularity, along with cava, Crémant (French sparkling wine made just outside of Champagne) or sparkling Riesling from Germany.  My suggestions include the Pelegrim NV from Westwell for English sparkling wine, for cava - the Cava Rimarts Brut Reserva 18 2016, for German sparkling the Riesling Sekt Trocken 2015 from Weingut Gindorf and for a Crémant – a  Crémant De Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs – Beaujolais, Oedoria.

10. Cocktail O’Clock – Cocktails are very special and many couples may choose their favourites to serve, or take it to the next level and create their own out of their favourite ingredients and name it after themselves! Another great talking point but a warning – the results can be revolting so make sure you get a second opinion before serving to the masses! 


This feature was in collaboration with Winebuyers.

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