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Five New Spirits To Try This Month

Spring is in the air and if you’re looking for some new ideas for your dinner parties, fancy trying something new or simply need a well-deserved drink after a long week, have a read of these five new spirits launching in the UK this month.

1. Doppelgänger Aperitivo

London-based distillery, Doghouse Distillery, has created a new British take on Italian aperitivo. Doppelgänger is made from a blend of 19 cherry picked botanicals on an English wheat spirit base. Notes of citrus, hibiscus, mountain roots and herbs are all combined to make this unique flavour profile. Try it in a ‘Brit Spritz’– Doppelgänger Aperitivo, Elderflower cordial, prosecco, and soda - with strawberries and an orange slice garnish or replace Campari and add gin and vermouth to create a pretty tasty negroni. This makes for a great replacement to Aperol and if you like your drinks to look vibrant the red hue is top notch.

2. Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka

Here’s a new and incredibly smooth tasting Welsh made vodka. Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is created at the carbon neutral Ellers Farm Distillery by Master Distiller Jamie Baggot. It’s base is British apples and balanced with a touch of potato spirit. Pending B Corp® status the brand is dedicated to being as sustainable as possible. The vodka comes in a unique locally sourced brown bottle made of up to 60% recycled glass plus they will plant a tree for everyone who signs up to their mailing list.

RRP: £29

3. Silver Circle Aquavit - EDITOR’S PICK

Meanwhile up in the Monmouthshire village of Catbrook a little Scandi magic is taking place. The Silver Circle Distillery creates handmade craft spirits. Now they’ve launched an aquavit, lesser known in the UK but loved by Nordics. Aquavits are usually distinct by their base of caraway as a botanical. Silver Circle Aquavit fuses caraway with fennel, raspberry, lemon and rye. It’s the first aquavit to be born in Wales and it’s a lovely and fresh alternative to a gin and tonic. Try it with a slice of lemon and a couple of fresh raspberries.

RRP: £38

4. Mainbrace Gin

Rumour has it the queen is quite partial to a morning gin, so perhaps this new Cornish spirit launched to commemorate her 70 years of reign will be her new morning go to? Mainbrace is a Cornish dry gin which takes its name from a naval saying to ‘splice the mainbrace’. The phrase was used at important celebrations which was always accompanied with the toast ‘The King – God Bless Him’ or ‘The Queen – God Bless Her.’ Botanicals include lime peel and leaf, orris, lemon verbena, angelica and three types of Cornish seaweed (Kelp, Dulse, and Sea Spaghetti).

RRP: £34.99

Finishing with something totally tropical this month, The Devon Rum Co. company are launching a new blend. Premium Golden Rum is a rich and deep rum with a lovely dark colour. The full-bodied spirit is a blend of Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana fused with Devonian spring water. It’s smoky and rich with caramel, tobacco, and ripe banana notes. We loved it straight up on the rocks during our taste test. The labels are screen printed on the bottles and packing is 100% plastic free.

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Chatting Food Features Editor Jo Aspin

Half American / half (born and bred) Londoner, Jo Aspin is a food writer and established freelance food, drink and lifestyle PR. When she’s not eating her way around London, she’s planning her next trip abroad.

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