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FoodCycle sets you a summer challenge

FoodCycle launches "A Week Less Wasted" this August

FoodCycle, a charity that works to reduce food waste, food poverty, and social isolation, is launching a new campaign focused on reducing food waste in the home.

From 1st – 31st August, FoodCycle will be challenging the public to join them in having ‘A Week Less Wasted’ by not wasting any food for a week.

This may seem like an easy task, but the average family throws away £70 worth of edible food each month. 

All proceeds from sponsorship of the challenge will go to FoodCycle, a national charity that has now served over 1 million community meals made out of surplus food.


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Mary McGrath, FoodCycle Chief Executive, said:

“A Week Less Wasted is a fun way to support FoodCycle and make a difference through the power of good food. In UK households we waste 7 million tonnes of food every year while 8.4 million people are struggling to feed themselves. We want this campaign to inspire people to waste less food in their daily lives and to enjoy getting creative with the food in their cupboard. “

FoodCycle’s top tips for reducing food waste:

1) Shop smart – check what you have before you go shopping, make a list and only buy what you need

2) Keep any leftovers in sealed containers in the fridge/freezer and label them so you remember what they are.

3) Don’t let food go off at the back of your fridge – move older food to the front so you can see it!

4) Don’t chuck food that has gone past it’s best before date - it’s still safe to eat and super tasty.

5) Keep track – write down what you’re throwing away. You’ll be able to spot patterns and plan your meals with greater care.

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