Interview: Arbinder Dugal, MasterChef The Professionals

Arbinder Dugal was a semi-finalist on MasterChef, The Professionals 2019 and became famous for progressive Indian cuisine. We caught up with Arbinder to discuss the highs and lows of the show, how he felt about seeing himself on TV and the future.

How has life been since appearing on the show? How did you feel about watching the experience back on TV?

Life has taken u-turn after appearing on the show. It has become hectic, I am working non-stop, and I am collaborating with a wide range of people who wants to connect. Watching myself back on TV was an amazing experience - you find out quickly what you could have done better. I noticed all my small mistakes and little schoolboy errors.

As a viewer, the skills test has most of us hiding behind our pillows with nerves. What was it like filming that section of the show?

It was nerve-racking there was a lot of pressure in the kitchen with three judges standing in front of you. I think you need to believe in your skill and ability while doing the skill test and be very well trained in classic French cooking techniques.

Looking back now, what were your highs and lows?

Highs were to be a semifinalist, and the low was to leave the show after all that hard work. I enjoyed the whole experience, though, from start to finish.

What made you apply for the show?

I love challenges thrown at me - that is what I like about the show.

Which previous contestants inspired you?

All the contestants have inspired me as everyone wants to win and everyone wants to give there best shot while cooking.

What advice would you give to next years contestants?

Just focus on what you are cooking and forget about anything else. You need to prepare yourself and handle the mental pressure very well.

How has MasterChef changed your career?

I think a lot of exciting things are coming my way; it has opened up a lot of doors for me to do amazing things in future.

What have you been up to since the show ended?

I am doing pop up events, lots of tv and radio interviews, and getting lots of article in magazines.

What exciting plans and events do you have coming soon?

Lots of think are in the pipeline including a tv show, consultancy, and progressive Indian restaurant - watch this space.

A Quick Chat

Your favourite restaurant? Rocca brothers

Food Hero? Gordon Ramsay

Favourite Ingredient? Curry leaves

What will be the next food trend? Progressive Indian food

Worst food trend? Fusion

Guilty Food Pleasure? Has to be chocolate fondant, vanilla icecream


About Arbinder Dugal

Arbinder Dugal was a semi-finalist on MasterChef The Professionals 2019. He is currently Group Executive Chef for event catering company Madhus including there two restaurant one Southall and Heathrow.

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