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It Is A Gin Treasure Hunt

Hold Our Map....

On the 8th June, World Gin Day is back with a boozy bang as The Botanist have teamed up with a number of prestigious London bars to create special serves to celebrate the most treasured day in the gin calendar.

The Botanist, distilled on the Island of Islay, have partnered with Boisdale of Belgravia, Opium, The Blind Pig, The Shrub and Shutter, The Little Yellow Door, Le Pont de la Tour and Jin Bo Law Skybar to offer guests foraged gin-based cocktails within some of the most stylish bars in the capital, and have created a beautiful map to guide Londoners on their perfect gin quest to celebrate World Gin Day.

Artisanally crafted on the Island of Islay, The Botanist is truly unique with 22 hand-foraged, local herbs and flowers delicately and slowly distilled with nine classic gin botanicals. Complete with a dash of citrus freshness and a full- bodied yet delicate taste, The Botanist is a true expression of the progressive nature and heritage of the remote Scottish island.

credit to Rebecca Bright at Outdraw
credit to Rebecca Bright at Outdraw

At traditional Scottish haunt Boisdale of Belgravia, enjoy exclusive foraged cocktails in the specially created The Botanist Garden and upstairs terrace, where you can sip on their specialty Ugly Betty cocktail amongst the glorious greenery.

Down the road in Notting Hill, The Little Yellow Door will wake you up with The Hangover, a quirky breakfast cocktail made with The Botanist Gin, elderflower, egg white, and chlorophyll, served in a coupette with mint and chlorophyll perfume.

The Hangover, The Little Yellow Door
The Hangover, The Little Yellow Door

The Blind Pig, the renowned Jason Atherton drinking den, has a special dessert-esque cocktail on the menu. The low-lit and speakeasy-style bar have used The Botanist Bee Pollen Gin to provide the foundation for the Queen Bee libation. The cocktail, a gloriously creamy concoction, features The Botanist Gin mixed with mead, honey liqueur, New Forest syrup, cream, citrus and egg white. One for the White Russian lovers.

At Opium, Chinatown’s vibe-y late night dim sum and drinking spot, the bar have stuck to their Asian influences with the creation of Shanghai's Botanist. A light, floral drink with citrus undertones, the long cocktail includes The Botanist Gin, aloe vera and melon cordial, lemon juice, and lemon verbena soda, garnished with an edible flower and lemon balm tea.

Brixton's The Shrub and Shutter have put their mixologists to the test, producing the weird and wonderful High as a Kite. The fluorescent pink cocktail includes The Botanist Gin, belsazar rose, beetroot, hibiscus shrub, and comes served with a packet of lemon balm and blueberry sherbet for added nostalgic fun.

Over at riverside restaurant Le Pont de La Tour, the English Heritage cocktail is summer in liquid form. The fizzy number is made with The Botanist Gin infused with rosemary, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and topped with English sparkling wine.

For drinking with a view, Jin Bo Law Skybar boasts unrivalled views across London with an equally impressive cocktail menu to match. Pimping up the classic G&T, Jin Bo Law Skybar's Premium Gin and Tonic features The Botanist Gin infused with raspberries, goji berry and baby pineapple, mixed with lemon grass tonic and garnished with raspberries, lime and goji berries. Fresh, fruity and utterly delicious.

The cocktails will be available at the above bars from the 5th-9th June 2019.

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