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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like A London Kitchen Social Christmas

Oh yeah, I totally just messed with a Perry Como song title. That’s the kind of writer I am. 

London Kitchen Social XMAS
(L-R) Anthony Raffo, David Pigram, Chris Terry, Majella O'Connell, Daniel Britten, Robbie Lorraine

Monday 10 December 2018. Scribble it down in your diaries or tap it into your Google calendar’s like all millennials now do. 

Because, on this day, in a venue (almost an Inn) the birth of a miracle happened (yes, hold tight, we are going there peeps).

Unlike the suggested birth of JC, this Inn was rammed full, but still letting people in. 

Nobody was going to some cold hole of a cave/barn/thing to give birth, the miracle was happening right here, surrounded by friends, family, 5 wise men, 7 courses, a generous amount of heating, one angel and shit loads of booze. 

Because this was the birth of London Kitchen Social Christmas, and nobody was getting in its way. 

So now I have set the joyous LKS-Tivity scene (oh yeaaaahhh), I need to get mildly serious. The brainchild of beauty, food photography legend and all-round kickass Majella O’Connell  London Kitchen Social Live is the sexy sister of London Kitchen Social, or LKS for short. 

The LKS networking events are snowballing. It is definitely in London (TICK), very much in a Kitchen (TICK TICK) and 100% Social (OBVS). But it is so much more than that, and its ethos is to bring together talented individuals, with a shared love - food.

At its nucleus, LKS is here to kickstart independent talent and allow them to have a visual platform. 

It’s sexy sister London Kitchen Social LIVE, was launched in September as an event to showcase the best talent in London and beyond, through an interactive tasting menu (I know, amazeballs idea, right?).

The first event was a smash, selling out in record time and allowing guests to feel really immersed in how dishes are created from conception to creation, with the added benefit of actually stuffing said dish in ones face afterwards. Win.  

But unlike "Macarena", "Mambo Number 5” and that "Baz Luhrmann song about sunscreen" - this will be NO one hit wonder. It came back with its sophomore album, and Adele’d the fuck out of the room. 

London Kitchen Social Xmas was held. 7 Courses. 5 Chefs. One Queen, and sold out, again! 

So we all want to know about the food. I’m getting there. Right *pulls sleeves up* - just remember I am no Jay fucking Rayner, so if you want to know more, tweet a wise man - they’ll tell you everything

celeriac - apple - pear - buckwheat // Anthony Raffo// Twitter // Instagram // 

salmon - wine - oyster - dill // Twitter // Chris Terry //Twitter// Instagram//  Seafood provided by Seahawk Marine Foods Ltd // Twitter

venison - chilli - chocolate - walnut // Daniel Britten// Twitter // Instagram

duck - bread - parsnip // Dave Pigram // Instagram //Twitter

fennel - orange  - pistachio // Robbie Lorraine //Twitter // Instagram 

brownie - mince pie // Morish Jems x Dave Pigram // twitter// instagram

An exceptional wine flight by The Vintner // Twitter// Instagram

The best water ever by Inland Ice Water // Twitter //  Instagram

Front of House provided by Jean-Francois Polie //Twitter 

A parting cocktail by Robbie Lorraine (but you didn’t get tickets, so you’ll have to just get the worst life FOMO for that one). 

Thrown into the mix was an interactive event where you could heckle, whoop and actually ask questions directly to each chef, a fair bit of solid Christmas music, awful paper hats, and the hottest host you could ask for (erm, Oscars, hello, you have a host here). 

As always, I was one of the last out the door, but that allowed me to witness the festive magic as everyone left rosy-cheeked, laughing, hugging friends that they knew, but also friends that they had made that last night. 

And really isn’t that what the festive season should be about? It’s not about Amazon orders, cellotape in your hair or forced fun. It is about cold nights, friendships, full bellies, laughter and warm faces.

And on Monday 10 December, Majella and her team gave us just that. 

If this is how 2018 ends, I can’t wait to see how 2019 begins. Make it your New Years Resolution to not miss the next one, and I will see you there. 

Find out more about London Kitchen Social here.

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