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Masterchef: The Professionals Contestant Michelle Trusselle Brings Unique Supper Clubs To London

Michelle Trusselle, a semi-finalist on BBC’s MasterChef: The Professionals 2018, is the creator of the Myristica Supper club, which is holding Saturday night Supper Clubs and intimate Chefs Tables (for just four people) in Central or West London and the City.

Dates for the upcoming Myristica Supper Clubs are March 23rd, April 27th and May 11th.

Michelle Trusselle
Michelle Trusselle photo by singinggazelles

Myristica reflects Michelle’s love for the homely and soul-satisfying food of the Caribbean which she grew up with at home in London, combined with her experience of over a decade as a chef cooking at the highest levels in professional kitchens. Michelle’s food has been described by renowned Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing as "Caribbean royalty on a plate”.

Her Supper Clubs provide a unique dining experience, where the Caribbean meets fine dining. Myristica delivers stunning dishes including a butternut squash custard sphere with ginger; crab and mace crumpets with brown crab butter; textures of carrot with allspice and thyme; pan roasted cannon of lamb with curry emulsion, puffed potato and ginger and citrus salt; and baked nutmeg and brown sugar cheesecake with red wine and clove jelly.

The five-course tasting menu plus canapes and petit fours currently costs from £80 per person to £95 per person including a wine pairing.

Myristica is the Latin name for the trees which produce nutmeg & mace, native to Grenada the isle of spice from where Michelle's heritage stems.

Michelle says:

“We aim to elevate the ingredients grown from the fertile Caribbean soil and create new exciting dishes. When it comes to the well-known dishes of the islands, we refine them, to push the boundaries of tradition, and yet we keep true to the core flavours that make these dishes what they are.

​Tickets for Myristica Supper Clubs are available now here:

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