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In Your Basket: January

We are waving our pom-poms for the best food and drink products out there.

Whether they are just hitting the supermarket shelves, creating a buzz in the industry, winning awards or are just plain ace, we give you a heads up about what you should be adding to your supermarket basket this month.


We've all done it. Spent a large part of December eating unhealthy snacks, followed by unhealthy snacks, topped off with another snack. The thing is - who doesn't love a good snack? Well, worry no more. January might be here, we might all be squeezing into clothes that are a little too tight, but when it comes to snacks, we have found a brand that can be tasty - and healthy.

BEPPS, the UK’s very first black eyed pea (not the band) puff brand, have recently launched the third flavour, salt & vinegar, to their award-winning range. Not only are these new puffs deliciously sharp and tantalisingly tangy, but true to form they are also nutritionally rich, vegan-friendly and gluten and dairy-free.

BEPPS are also lower in fat and sugar and have more protein and fibre than traditional crisps and many other healthier snack alternatives. They are also low in calories with just 90 per serving/pack. If Salt & Vinegar isn't your thing, they are also available in sweet chilli and cheese.

BEPPS Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Chilli and Cheese, £1.79, 70g available from Tesco nationwide.


Green Saffron Spices

We all love pigs in blankets, too much gravy and the occasional 'several' spoonfuls of trifle. But with December behind us, our palettes may crave something a bit spicier.

Award-winning Irish owned spice brand, Green Saffron, has entered the UK with its range of authentic Indian spice blends. The three unique spice sachets include popular flavour combinations Indian Red Lentil DahlIndian Bombay Potatoes and Indian Madras.

Incorporating the finest ingredients sourced directly from farms in India, the range of 100% natural, plant-based and gluten free sachets blend delicious spices and herbs together in perfect partnership to deliver an easy to cook, full-flavoured Indian style street food experience that will transform a variety of dishes.  Perfect for storing in your cupboard for a quick midweek, tasty meal.

If spice blends are not your thing, Green Saffron also offer a range of ready made sauces - just add your chosen meat, fish or veg and you are sorted.

Available from Waitrose

Pip and Nut

Calling all nut butter fans, Pip & Nut, are launching a trio of nut butter cups! The cups contain Pip & Nut’s award-winning nut butter, deliciously wrapped in ethically sourced, single-origin Colombian chocolate.

Perfect for nibbling as an afternoon treat and there are flavours to pick from; Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups; Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - meaning you don't need to share!

True to the brand’s ethos, each features natural ingredients and contains absolutely no palm oil. The range is also gluten-free and the dark chocolate cups are vegan-friendly, with each cup in the range containing just 101 calories.

Pip & Nut Nut Butter Cups are available from retailers including Ocado,

Boots and Wholefoods at an RRP of £1.49. Each 34g pack contains two nut butter



January is definitely the month for the box set binge. You can't move for an abundance of a weekend 'flop on the sofa' box set opportunity.. This level of tv viewing requires a scrummy and easy snack to get you from episode 1 - 14.

Livia’s seriously scrumptious range of DUNX may just help. Available in three flavours, Maple Peanut Drizzle, Caramel Almond Swirl and Choco Hazel Twist, Each product in the range has also been made, with softer cookies and extra gooey nut butter dips. Plus, they are sporting a new shape, making them perfect to dunk and devour curled up on the sofa.

DUNX are all vegan, free from gluten and dairy, and made with the best, most simple ingredients.

DUNX are available in Tesco Express stores nationwide.


It is not just us adults that need a bit of a January health check. If you’re looking to bring all the healthy benefits of Kefir to your little ones, then look no further than Biotiful’s two new, all-natural and no added sugar ranges for kids; Slurpy Kefir drinks and Squeezy Kefir Quark snacks.

The yummy Slurpy cultured dairy drinks come in two delicious and all-natural fruity flavours, Strawberry and Mango. The Squeezy’s come in Vanilla Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake flavours and have the added benefit of being high in protein, thanks to the addition of quark, which will keep them fuller for longer. Both make for a super fun and nutritious new way for children to get billions of gut-friendly bacteria into their little tums - and the perfect school lunch box essential.

Free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the full range is also gluten free and naturally low in lactose.

Available from Morrisons ,


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