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In Your Basket: March

We are waving our pom-poms for the best food and drink products out there.

Whether they are just hitting the supermarket shelves, creating a buzz in the industry, winning awards or are just plain ace, we give you a heads up about what you should be adding to your supermarket basket this month.


Premium cereal brand, Lizi’s is extending its healthier breakfast offering by branching out into the Muesli category with the launch of Lizi’s Super Muesli - and we are having all the feels!

And you don't just get to choose from one, oh no.

Lizi's new innovative muesli range, which has four variants uses a mixture of toasted and untoasted oats – with fortified functional benefits. Variants of the new range boast vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, B6, B2 and Zinc, as well natural ingredients such as turmeric, barley, hemp, maca powder and quinoa (which is clearly all the good stuff) to provide a delicious breakfast. Using treacle to add flavour to the toasted oats instead of honey also means that it’s vegan-friendly, as well as being GM free.

The full range includes:

  • BOOST – Mango, Papaya & Turmeric:

  • CLEANSE – Cranberry, Raspberry & Cherry:

  • FOCUS – Hazelnut, Pecan & Maca:

  • GLOW – Fig, Apple & Almond:

Lizi’s Boost, Focus and Glow Super Muesli will be available in Waitrose from March 2020. RRP £4.00 for 400g pack.


Do you have a cool mama that needs something more creative than a mug and smelly bubble bath this Mother's Day? Have a friend in need to a cheer up? Want to just sit in your pants and eat booze laden gummies in front on Love Is Blind?

The beautiful Smith & Sinclair have launched a range of boozy sweets which make the perfect gift. Now, I know what you think. Boozy Gummies? These are not your average gin flavoured sweet - this range comes with some impressive poke and a drink responsibly warning. And we all want to eat sweets with a warning. Smith & Sincliar have created adult-only Cocktail Gummies – available in ten classy cocktail flavours such as Passion Fruit Mojito, Hibiscus Negroni, Elderflower Spritz and Berry Daiquiri.

All Smith & Sinclair gummies have been made with premium spirits, fresh fruit, herbs and syrups, mixed and coated with garnish infused sugars. Smith & Sinclair recommends consuming in two bites for maximum enjoyment. The gummies hold a subtle kick at 7% volume (the equivalent of 1/2 shot of alcohol). Perfect for gifting and completely vegan.

Smith & Sinclair’s Mother’s Day Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies Selection boxes can be found on £16


Last summer we had the pleasure to interview Charlie Markland founder of Bodega Bay. Following a successful launch, Bodega Bay Hard Seltzer is now available in 72 Sainsbury stores across the UK and can be found in the Taste the Future Bays in store.

Bodega Bay’s Hard Seltzer, a range of natural fruit flavoured alcoholic sparkling waters – made with UK sourced produce - is turning into a healthier option when drinking out. The low-calorie hard seltzer, comes in at just 29 calories per 100ml. The perfect guilt-free alternative to calorie-laden beer and wine.

You can also buy Bodega Bay's Hard Seltzer online via Amazon


There is nothing worse than blunt knives. Hacking at fruit and vegetables is a 2020 no-no.

Leading the way in cutting edge knife sharping is the AnySharp Pro. Just 3 to 4 light strokes and your knife is restored in a matter of seconds. The 20-degree angle provides the optimum nook for a good quality steel knife. And it has the PowerGrip suction cup, which attaches securely to any flat surface keeping your sharpener safely in place without the potential of any accidents, and making sure you keep all your digits!

AnySharp Pro £15.88 from Amazon in a range of colours (including Millenial rose gold!)


Sustainability, thank God, is here to stay. One of the brands leading the way is Piccolo. Piccolo has become the first baby food company in the UK to launch a bio-based pouch, made from 80 per cent plant-derived materials. The pouches offer mums and dads a more sustainable, lower-carbon alternative pouch option, each packed with the organic, Mediterranean-inspired meals that the brand is so loved for.

The new pouches look and feel like normal plastic, but 80 per cent of the material is a plastic derived from plants, rather than petroleum, which is more sustainable than standard plastics.

Families will find all their usual favourite Piccolo flavours in the bio-based pouches, including Mango Pure, Plum Pure, Red & Go, Purple & Go and Green & Go.

Piccolo’s bio-based pouches are available across the ‘Piccolo Pure’ range and ‘Piccolo & Go’ multipacks in the baby aisle of all major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons nationwide.


There is only love at ChicP for fruit and veg, no matter how wonky it is. Founded in 2016 by food waste advocate and former chef, Hannah McCollum, ChicP offers a range of delicious dips created from surplus and imperfect vegetables.

ChicP is combating the issue of food waste head-on, with flavours packed full of perfectly imperfect leftovers. Completely gluten, dairy, nut and pesticide-free, these dips and sides are suitable for vegans, low-waste lifestyle lovers, and health-conscious cooks! Ideal for dunking, the dips can also be added to salads or smeared in sandwiches.

When it comes to flavours, there’s something for even the most discerning of diner: daringly vibrant, Raw Beetroot & Horseradish is a colourful hit of health; ideal for lovers of earthy flavours and is crammed full of low-calorie, protein-rich ingredients; the immune-boosting Carrot, Ginger & Turmeric is fresh, warming and loaded with antioxidants, while the garlic-free Chilli Pumpkin is a delicious creamy option with a welcome hint of heat.

ChicP is available via Ocado for £1.99 per tub


Chatting Food Towers loves a snack. Especially ones you can stuff in your handbag for emergencies. Crazy Jack, the home of organic food, has launched its new snacking range into Sainsbury’s stores this month. The new organic snacking range includes:

  • Whole Almonds

  • Cashew Nuts

  • Dried Mango

  • Raisins

  • Soft, Ready to Eat Apricots (which are the colour brown and taste like a mix of toffee and liquorice. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth).

They have also launched their new sharing pouches including Mixed Nuts, Fruit and Nut Mix and Mixed Almonds.

Crazy Jack snacking range is available via Ocado


Egmont Manuka Honey has launched in the UK for the first time this month. Produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, Manuka Honey is widely regarded as one of the most beneficial forms of honey, with benefits ranging from helping the recovery of illnesses to aiding infections.

Egmont’s bees are left in the natural rainforests all year round, meaning their Manuka Honey is some of the purest in the world. Manuka Honey can be used in a variety of ways including stirring into smoothies, smearing onto skin, part of your breakfast … the options are endless!

Grab your bottle from Holland & Barrett


Drinking vinegar is something you are taught from an early age to probably not do. Rock into your adulthood and the opposite happens. If you are looking for a daily healthy habit deeprooted in ancestral traditions and holistic approaches then OSU Apple Cider Vinegar may just be your new daily fix.

The apple cider vinegar is raw and unpasteurised, containing ‘The Mother’, however, it’s also free from artificial flavourings, preservatives and colourings. The unique and versatile apple juice blend has been designed to add a subtle sweetness. We can't wait to try in the office.

OSU is available from Tesco, Ocado and Boots for £6.99 RRP.


[Items in this article may have been gifted to Chatting Food. No financial payment has been made to feature in this article, and entries to the feature are made independently by members of the Editorial Team. This page contains affiliate links and we may receive a small commission for purchases]


Chatting Food Contributor: Ellen Pope

Self-confessed potty mouth, mother of guinea pig and eater of 99.9% of food (don't bring me marzipan and tell me it is food). Ellen is the founder and Editor of Chatting Food Magazine and on a one-woman mission to talk food at everyone. Usually found tweeting, eating, sleeping, repeating.

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