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Project D On The Hunt For Midlands Doughnut Taste Testers

Well, this is the LinkedIn job update we all want to type. Doughnut brand Project Doughnut launch campaign for Midlands based taste testers.

Die-hard doughnut fans are being given the opportunity of a lifetime by a bakery which is looking to recruit an army of sweet-toothed taste testers.

Project D delivers a range of handcrafted doughnuts, which are embellished with an array of delicious and decadent toppings, to homes across the Midlands.

Now the company, which changes the flavours of its doughnuts every six weeks and also offers a vegan range, is looking for between three and five taste testers in each of its delivery locations.

Successful volunteers will receive a box of four different doughnuts once a week for a month and must provide feedback on quality, selection, flavours and toppings. They will also get sneak previews of future products and be the first to try out new flavours.

Project D’s co-owner Jacob Watts said:

We’re really looking for the ultimate foodies – creative individuals who will be able to provide us with honest feedback. No experience is necessary, but we are looking for people with a passion for doughnuts, the taste buds to distinguish between even the slightest flavour changes and an eagerness to try new products.

Since we broadened our delivery range we can see that some doughnuts sell better in some areas than others. So, we would like to gather more information on these taste trends so we can tailor-make our doughnuts to suit the demand.”

Project D launched 12 months ago and started out by selling doughnuts at food events and festivals across the Midlands, as well as fulfilling orders for corporate events and one-off commissions."

During lockdown, the company changed its business model to begin offering a home delivery service and is now supplying doughnuts to households in locations including Derby, Nottinghamshire, Mansfield, Sheffield, Stoke, Leicester and Birmingham.

Among the company’s most popular creations are the Homer, a ring doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles and the Biscoff with a caramel base and blended Lotus Biscoff crumb.

And they have recently introduced the mega doughnut - which is three times the size of the company’s standard doughnut – and available for special events.

Jacob added: “We know this role sounds like something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but we are genuinely looking for some creative individuals who can help Project D progress to the next level.

“We know our doughnuts are second to none and we get some fantastic feedback from customers. Having taste testers on each of our delivery routes will just help us to perfect our product and we can’t wait to start working with successful candidates.”

A box of four Project D doughnuts, which are delivered in boxes which are biodegradable and compostable, cost £11 a box, plus delivery. So the successful candidates will get deliveries worth over £60.

To apply for a role as a taste-tester visit the website

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