RECIPE: Chef Alan Paton / Blue Cheese and White Chocolate Bread

Try something a little bit different with this blue cheese and white chocolate bread by Chef Alan Paton from Bicester Hotel, Golf and Spa.


1 kg T45 Strong White Flour

66 g Unsalted Butter - soft

60 g Yeast

27 g Salt

27 g Sugar

425 ml Warm Water 36°C


1. On speed 1 allow flour, salt and sugar to mix

2. Cream yeast in warm water, stand or 3-5 minutes

3. Add butter to flour mix for 5 minutes

4. Gradually add yeasted water, stopping at times to allow to be incorporated. The final texture should be soft, pliable but not sticky. Add more warm water or a dusting of flour until this is achievable.

5. Turn out onto a floured table, knead well for 5 minutes, place in a lightly oiled bowl, and cover with a damp cloth. Leave in a warm place till doubled in size

6. Turn out on to a floured table, then knead and roll out in shape of 1/1 gastro baking sheet. Sprinkle on 150g of white chocolate pistols and 150g of crumbled stilton over the bread and fold in, then knead and turn two more times.

7. Roll out to gastro shape once more, line a tray with baking paper and flour it.

8. Place bread on tray, slightly “tear the surface” – this will let the chocolate and cheese through - cover and prove until doubled in size.

9. Bake at 185 C until brown and crusted, tap for “hollow bottom”

10. Move to a cooling wire. Once cooled keep in an airtight container.


Alan Paton is Executive Head Chef at Gray’s Restaurant at The Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa. You can follow him on twitter at