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RECIPE: John McNulty // White Chocolate Set Custard

Wow your guests with this indulgent White Chocolate Set Custard from Chef John McNulty.

(Serves 10)

Main Ingredients:

800ml Double Cream 450 grams White Chocolate

10 Egg Yolks

30 grams Caster Sugar

Method: Heat oven to 110 degrees C Melt White Chocolate with the cream in a heavy based pan. Mix the Egg Yolks and Sugar together. Whisk in the melted Chocolate and cream mix. Pass through a chinois or as fine a sieve as you have. Take stainless steel metal rings and seal the bottom using cling film and rubber band, pour the mixture into the sealed metal ring to desired portion size. Place rings in a deep sided oven proof tray and 3/4 fill with water taking care not to get water mixed into the rings Place in the oven and cook for roughly an hour. Leave to cool and set for at least 2 hours before serving. Keep in fridge.

Garnish: We enjoy using various seasonal berries, depending on time of season and sweetness we use either honey or sugar in the mix and stew the berries down for around 10/ 15 minutes.

In the picture provided we served this dish with a lemon curd base and a yoghurt ice cream.

Ice Cream: At Etive restaurant we make our own Ice Cream so can always create an Ice Cream to compliment the baked custard, we would suggest if you shop buy an Ice Cream try and choose one that will compliment the seasonal berry mix as well as the white chocolate.

Plating the Dish: We like to use a bowl styled plate Sprinkle sugar on the top of your set custard after removing from stainless steel ring and brûlée the top. Place 2/3 tablespoons of the stewed berries in the centre of your bowl. Sit the set custard on top of berries centred in the bowl. We use a teaspoon of homemade crumble mix on top of the custard to hold the ice cream in place, 1 Scoop of Ice cream on top of the custard Serve.


John McNulty is Chef Proprietor alongside his Sommelier Business partner David Lapsley. John is primarily self-taught and has run his own kitchens since 2012. John and David have developed their Etive Restaurant for the last 3 years together achieving and maintaining 2 AA Rosettes and Michelin Red Plate since they started Etive Restaurant. John was also awarded Highland and Island Rising Star in 2018

Facebook: Etive Restaurant Twitter: @EtiveRestaurant - @Etivechef

Instagram: etiverestaurant - etive_chef

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