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Review: Asian Influence Cookie and Brownie Treat Box

We take a look at a cookie and brownie treat box with a flavour punch, as Welsh-based Asian Influence launch their range of artisan brownies and cookies inspired by Asian flavours.

There aren't many people who don't like a brownie or a cookie, especially when they are delivered straight to your door, and taste really good.

During the COVID spell, a lot of us have pretended to be home bakers, sifting through bags of flour and ruining the insides of our ovens with an over bake or the odd explosion.

So imagine our delight, when something new, interesting and tasty popped through our letterbox.

Asian Influence was set up during the COVID pandemic and has worked especially hard to develop its brand and awareness throughout lockdown. Owner Rachael Popplewell, a trained Chef from Pembrokshire, has a passion for combining high-end brownies and cookies with the flavours of the East. And after months of testing has launched a successful range of products that truly mirror treats and taste.

We were lucky enough to try the Cardomon and Orange Cookie, a large cookie you definitely can smell before you even get close to eating. The aromas drift from the box and you are already transported to the place of yum yum fill my tum. Sweet, but delicately flavoured, the cookie works. Cardamon, though a fabulous flavour can overpower anything is plays with, but this recipe has been worked to ensure that doesn't happen.

The second item on the menu - black sesame and miso brownies. All brownies at Asian Influence are made with high quality dark Belgian chocolate with 55% cocoa solids, and you can tell. An interesting flavour, sweet and nutty, these brownies are rich. Yes, you might think you can eat several portions, but you will quickly realise that size can be deceiving. Each bite is perfectly balanced, so don't be greedy. Think of these as your new hybrid between the flavours of salted caramel and peanut butter.

All in all, we love Asian Influence and its concept. And there are so many more flavours to try, with brownies including Chilli & Star Anise, Orange and Cardamom Brownies and Honey Glazed, Ginger & Sesame Brownies.

The cookie range also includes Lime and Coconut, White chocolate and Lychee and Banana & Miso.

Treat yourself!

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