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Review: Bumble and Goose Bakery

Editor Ellen Pope takes a look at the latest bakery delivery service that fits straight through your letterbox from Bangor based Bumble & Goose.

Bumble & Goose Bakery Bangor Ireland

I honestly believed I could smell the postman bringing this delivery up my drive. Maybe I have a gift for smelling out brownies from a good 100ft, or I knew that what he had between his hands was going to bring me all levels of joy. Because really, who doesn't appreciate professionally made cakes delivered straight to your door?

Before I delve into the wonderful contents of the pink and gold box, I need to use some words to explain my delight that as a West Midlands/ England based writer, these six bakes made it all the way from Bangor/ Ireland without even a crumb out of place. As someone unable to carry her tea from one room to the next without spilling it, this blew my mind.

Now to the goodies. I was fortunate to try the Bumble & Goose Luxury Mixed Box of Brownies & Rocky Roads. The luxury pink and gold box contained five individual brownies and a rocky road.

Now, I am a big rocky road fan but also believed this is something anyone can make.

Bumble & Goose Bakery Bangor Ireland

What I realised very early on, is any child can make a rocky road, but it takes a high skill level to create a bloody good rocky road. And this was a bloody good Rocky Road, with all the punch of sugary sweetness you desire from the ultimate traybake that accompanies a solid brew. These did not skimp on chocolate, biscuits or marshmallows.

The rest of the box contained a range of Bumble & Goose Brownies. You can choose from Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Orange Brownies, Salted Caramel Brownies, Malteaser Brownies, Mini Egg Brownies, Carmelitas, when ordering.

I have been lucky in life to consume many brownies from many different brands, and I do sometimes hesitate as my inner greedy child and the sheer amount of sugar in brownies usually means I get a headache or such a sugar rush so good I believe I can punch through walls (ok, maybe not QUITE that, but you get my gist.).

Bumble & Goose Bakery

So imagine my dilemma knowing full well that all I wanted to do was try everything. Fortunately, as a grown adult I paced myself and shared the goodies around with family members and friends (and I promise I didn't try and palm these off as my own fabulous doing). The brownies were breathtakingly good. They were rich, gooey and melted in the mouth, but had such a perfect balance of sweetness- and I managed to not have a single sugar rush. You can tell that the team at Bumble & Goose not only have the finest of skills but also do not compromise on ingredients.

Founded in 2018, the business has gone from strength to strength, adding full celebration cakes (please check their Instagram for baking envy), cupcakes, macrons and iced biscuits to the repertoire. They also serve both individual customers, corporate businesses and obviously the wedding market.

The service from Bumble and Goose is outstanding and not only are the contents beautiful but so is the outer packaging. No detail is missed. Up until this point, I would be hesitating in gifting a "through the post" sweet treat to a friend that had to travel from another country, but now Bumble and Goose are at the very top of my sweet treat list. It will take some beating.


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