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Review: Delicious Pho, Spitalfields

Vietnam's national dish is the focus of the menu at Delicious Pho, London's first import of the successful Canadian chain of restaurants, but the handy mix-and-match menu means you can build your own bespoke dish.

D'Prawns - prawns in panko with a sweet 'n' sour sauce.

These were a great introduction to the meal; fresh, plump, juicy prawns in a crunchy coating with a tangy sweet and sour dip. I am so often disappointed when ordering deep-fried prawns, ending up with something that is more stodgy coating than filling; happily this is the precise opposite, with generously-sized prawns in the lightest crispy panko crumb. Highly recommended.

Summer Rolls - rice paper rolls, fresh herbs and vermicelli with prawns.

Whilst these were tasty - and again, the prawns excellent and the ingredients noticeably very fresh - they were a little too big and could have had more variety of flavour to the filling: perhaps some finely sliced carrot, coriander and mint as well as lettuce? They are quite filling for a starter which, as you will see, you may want to take into consideration.

Pho Tai, Chin Nac - pho with sliced steak and brisket.

The classic pho options on the menu are pretty straightforward:

I Like It Simple: pho with one or two proteins - options include sliced steak, beef meatball, chicken, veggies, tiger prawn and tofu

The Regular: pho with two or three beef options - sliced steak, flank, tripe, brisket, tendon, fatty flank

Pho Master: pho with four or five beef options - as above, plus crunchy flank

The huge bowl of pho arrives with a selection of additions to customise your dish: beansprouts, mint, crispy leaves, sliced chillies etc. plus a selection of classic condiments on the table including sriracha, hoisin sauce, fresh limes and house-made chilli oil. We found the portions very generous (you can choose to size up, but don't say we didn't warn you), particularly after starters.

Pho Tom Yum - pho noodles, tom yum broth with tiger prawns

This dish is under the Specialties section with some of the spicier options, although the team will tweak the heat levels for you; it has a lighter, citrussy broth base which paired really well with the delicious prawns. Not feeling like a pho? You can also go with a curry, fried rice, plain rice/noodles or stir fry with the protein of your choice; fabulous for last-minute lunch cravings.

In much the same way as you can customise your meal, there is a range of options for tea, milk tea and smoothies, as well as Vietnamese Chè desserts.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth so the manager explained all the optional tea add-ons, which was very helpful; I went for a jasmine tea with boba and lychee jelly whilst my companion had passion fruit tea with bursting boba. With the jelly and the tapioca pearls, this doubled as a drink and a dessert for me but there are fourteen chè desserts to choose from if you're somehow not already full.

Delicious Pho is a great addition to the area for fresh, tasty food and friendly service in a relaxed and buzzy atmosphere. Just make sure you go hungry.

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