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Review: Green Chef

Firstly, I would like to thank Green Chef for making me feel and look like a culinary genius from my own kitchen, I am now convinced that I should have my own cooking show after the beauties I whipped up!

Enough about my newfound plating skills, let’s talk about the food!

Green Chef sent me three different recipes to try from the ketogenic range. Now being the carnivorous connoisseur I like to think I am, I immediately thought the dishes would be heavily meat-based and very little greenery or variety – boy, was I wrong! I was delighted to find that the dishes I would be making were incredibly fresh, wonderfully green and utterly delicious!

The first meal I prepared was the Cajun shrimp salad, a fresh bed of rocket, lettuce and tomatoes adorned with chunks of avocado and spicy shrimp, topped off with tasty sriracha mayo. Needless to say, I was impressed from the get-go! The combination of the fresh crunch and juicy shrimp was to die for!

The second meal was cheesy bunless burgers, topped with caramelized red onion on a mixed leaf salad and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Again, the fresh ingredients truly made this dish for me, hearty, tasty, and the vinegar's tang against the burger worked perfectly!

Green Chef sends everything to the exact size you’ll need, meaning that there is no food waste and it’s super easy to prepare. Even the cardboard box it arrived in was created using zero CO2 emissions and recyclable, sustainable and yummy! Oh, and the recipes come on these handy dandy cards with pictures - so you know exactly what step is next.

Finally, I made the Massaman chicken curry with cauliflower rice, I have never attempted to make cauliflower rice before, however, I was incredibly impressed with it! It had flavour, a great texture and was the perfect accompaniment to the curry. The chicken was delicious and the coconut milk really made the whole dish decadently creamy, now this was most certainly a milder curry, so if you’re not a fan of spice – you’ll be able to enjoy this dish.

I am so impressed with Green Chef, everything is thought of, there’s no hard work – just delicious food. And you get to feel like a real chef for the day!


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Chatting Food Contributor

Jessica Brownlie

Often found shoving food into her face. Whilst living out her childhood fantasy by eating all the Mickey-shaped treats in Disneyland, Jessica developed the idea of becoming a food blogger and thus Beauty and the Feast was born! Along with a keen interest in the unusual, whacky and weird Jessica also enjoys maintaining somewhat of a Ketogenic diet.


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