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Review: Hames Chocolate Bombes

Hames Chocolate Bombe is an explosion of luxury.

As soon as the message to review a chocolate-based product slid into my DMs, I could not wait to get my hands on it. Hames Chocolate bombes arrived swiftly in the post not long after. I am a chocolate fiend- I can’t just have one chocolate or have a bar. It’s the whole thing.

Hames Chocolates are a family-based company in Lincolnshire with 15 years of experience creating a range of delicious chocolates for all occasions. The chocolate bombes are in four delectable flavours: milk chocolate with mallow, strawberry and white chocolate, milk chocolate with salted caramel and mocha milk chocolate. These are all gluten-free, too, with no utter of the words ‘may contain’.

Not much was left for me to do after I unboxed the delectable bombes. I heated my milk of choice, popped the mallow bombe in my favourite mug and watched as it melted into liquid gold whilst I poured over the steaming milk. As the milk and chocolate combined into a creamy, luxurious hot chocolate, the mini mallows revealed themselves as they bobbed to the surface. It was utter heaven. The milk chocolate is super creamy, and the little mallows add that bit of nostalgic sweetness.

So what about the other flavours? Well, let me tell you. The weather has started to warm up considerably, so my need for a cosy hot chocolate has become less.

I got inventive. Why limit the chocolate bombe to making incredible hot chocolate when it can be a pudding too! I grabbed some vanilla ice cream, sat the caramel bombe on top and poured over some hot chocolate sauce. A cascade of melty goodness enrobed the delicate, floral vanilla, and yet again, Hames Chocolate have the perfect balance of milk chocolate and salted caramel.

As a limited coffee drinker, I stretch as far as a vanilla iced latte. I wasn’t sure if Id like the mocha milk chocolate, but the creaminess of the milk chocolate with the slight bitterness of coffee worked really alongside some frothy hot milk. The coffee took the edge off the sweetness, so much more of a grown-up hot chocolate.

Now last but by no means least, we come to the strawberry and white chocolate. Sweet, sweet, sweet! My hubby had to get a look in on this one, and he was not disappointed. Milky, sweet vanilla notes and the fruity, juicy strawberry are, of course, a classic match. A touch on the sweet side for me as I love an intense chocolate hit but still so scrummy.

What a lovely little range of flavours, good quality chocolate and something to suit everyone. A definite, much-needed explosion of luxury in our lives.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy is a gluten-free writer and recipe creator. Emma is passionate about finding and promoting products to help Coeliac diets and that taste amazing. Emma is also the founder of Miss Rochie Makes, a textiles business creating original home-ware, gifts, cards and packaging.

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