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Review - Sarson’s Pickling Jars

If you are looking for a special gift for the foodie in your life, the hostess of an upcoming festive gathering or a Secret Santa gift exchange, Sarson’s has created a new all-in-one pickling jar which makes it easy to gift something special.

The jars come in two varieties, distilled and malt. We tried the unique pickling malt vinegar which is aged for seven days and includes the flavours of spices and herbs to give your pickled veggies an extra flavourful punch!

When pickling at home, adding your own garlic, seeds and herbs is usually required but Sarson’s takes care of this for you with this year’s distinctive pickling recipe. The new jar design has an extra wide top which makes it possible to select any variety of your own favourite vegetables, or that of your gift recipient, and there is no need to have another jar on hand. From cabbage and carrot to onions and peppers, once you have sliced, diced or chosen to keep them whole, all that is left to do is boil them up in Sarson’s pre-spiced malt pickling vinegar and voilá, the perfect DIY gift to surprise the food lover in your life.

We tried heirloom carrots and classic cucumbers and are excited to enjoy them all season long! The veggies can be left for a few weeks to let the pickling process work its magic, making this the gift that keeps on giving. We can’t wait to try these pickled veggies tossed into salads throughout January or served on their own as a side dish. Easy to create and sure to stand out from any other gift this year, enjoy giving this season with this foolproof DIY gift for the food lover in your life.

Both Sarson’s Pickling Malt Vinegar and Sarson’s Distilled Pickling Vinegar can be bought from all major retailers for £1.90.

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