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Review: Shakespeare Distillery’s Jester Chocolate Rum

This year the UK’s Shakespeare Distillery is embracing the season by adding new festive ranges to their rum and gin products, including new Jester Chocolate Rum and Mulberry or Blackberry Gin Liqueur.

The Chatting Food taste test team tried the Jester Chocolate Rum and wow is it flavourful! Rum and non-rum drinkers alike can enjoy this unique alcohol blend. The distillery’s award-winning Jester White Rum is combined with rich cocoa nibs and warming spices that create a full-bodied but slightly sweet-on-the-finish flavour. The added ingredients are particularly prominent on the nose, notably sweet cherries.

Shakespeare Distillery recommends their chocolate rum either served with spiced ginger ale, mixed into a White Russian cocktail or brewed into a boozy Hot Chocolate. We loved it on the rocks, alongside a few squares of extra dark chocolate, as a nightcap. The Jester Chocolate Rum would also be delicious this season splashed into cold egg nog topped with nutmeg for a boozy holiday dessert beverage, or shaken with expresso and Kahlúa for a one of a kind twist to a classic espresso martini all year long.

The Shakespeare Distillery rum and gin product ranges and gift sets can be purchased from

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