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REVIEW: Sublime Butter

Yes, we know we had you at Béarnaise butter. The team at Sublime have made 2020 by launching two new butters, Bearnaise and Garlic & Herb to their already award-winning range, which will make meat, veg and everything else you want to spread it on officially 100% better

If you love a Béarnaise sauce, you will love a Béarnaise butter. Those are clearly the facts. Even for you peppercorn sauce fans (hands up) amongst us, you'll be considering switching sauce sides after trying this product. For one, unwrap the rather sexy looking packaging and you are hit with a smell so divine you may wish to try a bit straight away (we won't judge you).

Packed full of flavour these butters does exactly what they say on their wrapper, and won't disappoint. Perfect on veg, meat and obviously bread, there will always be a favourite for your taste.

We slathered the garlic and herb butter over some new potatoes, and won't eat potatoes without it again. We also had to melt a slice of the Béarnaise butter over the rested steak. But you do you, find your fun way of using these products.

The new No19 Béarnaise butter marries the delicious Sublime butter churned in Glastonbury with tarragon leaves, vinegar, lemon juice, bay leaves & Pink Himalayan salt. The new No5 Garlic & Herb variety has been created as a year-round favourite to complement the seasonal bestseller No6 Garlic, Rosemary & Mint, which will be back on shelves next spring.

Order from their range today

  • Sublime No19 Béarnaise (90g)

  • Sublime No5 Garlic & Herb (90g)

  • Sublime No1 Pink Himalayan Salt (200g)

  • Sublime No17 Chimichurri (90g)

  • Sublime No12 Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper (90g)

  • Sublime No6 Garlic, Rosemary & Mint (90g, available seasonally)

Created initially out of a desire to find a steak accompaniment that accentuates the flavour of the meat, rather than drown it out as sauces often do, Sublime flavoured butter evolved to complement all quality produce – from every kind of meat to fish, vegetables and, of course, bread. 

Sublime is award-winning, winning the Best Butter category at this year’s

World Dairy Innovation Awards, as well being named a finalist in the Best New Brand category too.

Sublime proudly supports independent retailers and producers of quality produce – the new flavoured butter and all other varieties in the range (RRP: £3.95 for a 90g roll) can be found in butchers, farm shops, fishmongers and delicatessens nationwide – with some flavours available online through Farmison and new artisan food website Aequill too.

For more information on stockists and how to buy, visit:

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