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Review: Sultan Tea

Writer Natalie Williams takes a look at Sultan Tea's range expertly blended teas.

Sultan Moroccan Tea Review

The act of drinking tea is practised the world over and in the UK alone we drink approximately 100 million cups a day. I enjoy tea but I’ll be honest - I’m fussy and I’m difficult to persuade me to drink tea regularly.

Sultan Teas are a revelation. It’s all about flavour and their 80 years of experience in tea is exquisitely captured in every cup.

Sultan Tea offer a wide range of expertly blended teas including their flagship Moroccan Mint tea, Before Bed tea and Marrakech Green tea among many other flavours. Their teas also offer therapeutic benefits and I could definitely use the added boost with the current state of the world. I tried six of their flavours and couldn’t find fault with any of them. Here are my favourites:

Camomile is well known for its calming effects, and the Moment of Relaxation tea with camomile and green anise is a soothing and gentle combination which is perfect to start your morning or to enjoy leisurely in the afternoon. The addition of anise provides a lovely spiced lift to the subtle camomile.

Silhouette is firmly my favourite Sultan Tea! I could easily drink this by the teapot. It’s a beautiful balance of fruit (cherry), floral (hibiscus), and a warm sweetness that comes from liquorice and anise. I have another confession - I am not liquorices biggest fan. However, I was so surprised by how well the liquorice elevated the tea and complimented the other flavours. Just a brilliantly crafted tea that walks the line of savoury and sweet perfectly.

Sultan Tea Review

The 'After Meals' tea is a light tea which is perfect to aid digestion and promote a healthy gut with caraway, peppermint and rosemary. In these stressful times where our body is constantly needing to respond to the changes in our lives and world, giving a little extra help to your body to do what it does best is no bad thing.

They ensure that everything is sustainable and of the best quality by using only the best quality tea leaves. With the largest green tea factory in the world, Sultan’s are able to bring the best Moroccan tea to wherever you are in the world.

The teas are incredibly smooth, there is no bitterness which I’ve had with other herbals tea brands. They are refreshing and bright in flavour, and every sip is good until the very last drop. They are clearly making liquid magic at Sultan Tea. And that’s the tea!

All boxes contain 20 bags and retail at £3.99.

Available from Sultan Tea


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