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Review: The Kraken Rum, Unknown Deep

Deep, mellow and warm. Kraken Rum conjures all the mystery and darkness of the darkest parts of the ocean.

Where sea monsters lurk and the deadly tentacles enveloping the black bottle are a visual reminder of the legend of the ship carrying a cargo of the finest spiced rum that became the unknowing victim of the merciless cephalopod. Lost to the seas forever…

Thankfully, the experience of engulfing this beautiful rum is entirely delightful and very very far from the tragic end of its namesake story.

Rum was one of the first spirits I drank as a teenager (of legal age for course!) because of its rich and often sweeter flavour than other spirits.

The Kraken brand is a favourite, with its heady notes of vanilla and toffee apple, making it completely irresistible - especially during these darker evenings when I’m curled up by the fire.

Rum is so versatile; the classically dark cuba libre, to the summery pina colada! I have to mention the Kraken website too; it’s brimming with cocktails recipes like the Buttery Kraken and Toucan - how can you resist trying them with those names alone!

What is special about the limited edition of this classic rum, is that this delicious black rum is donating £1 from the sale of every bottle to nautical conservation charity, Project Aware: Divers Against Debris. To mark the launch of the project in the UK and Ireland, The Kraken team joined forces with fearless free-diving champion Beci Ryan and created a ‘Dive Thru’, where Beci fearlessly suited up, swam down and collected bottles completely unaided and in one breath,

The threats to our waters are not mysterious like the deepwater monsters such as the Kraken but are the even more terrifying human-made dangers. So raise a glass to Project Aware and enjoy, knowing that your drink supports a fantastic initiative to preserve the beauty of our waters.

‘Unknown Deep’ is available exclusively from Amazon for £36.75


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