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Review: Windmill Hill Brewing Company

What's not to love about the beers from this fiercely independent Warwickshire brewery? The brainchild of Gavin Leach and Robert Singleton, Windmill Hill Brewing Company uses good quality, natural ingredients to create beers for craft beer-loving foodies.

Now, although I love my craft beer, there's someone who I must bow down to as the king of craft beer, my Dad. So when I was given two of each, it seemed rude not to share with him.

My dad, taking his role as chief beer reviewer very seriously, has added notes to each of these. I wasn't necessarily expecting the detailed tasting notes I received back, but they're too good not to share.

Beers from Windmill Hill Brewing Company

Pale Ale. 4.5%

Dad: A light subtle bitterness. I was expecting more hops and fruit due to the strength but really enjoyed it.

Alice: For me, this is the beer I'd choose. Easy to drink, this award-winning beer is cracking on a hot day.

Lager. 4.5%

Dad: Refreshing with a fruity aftertaste. Pleasantly tart and ideal for curry or spicy food.

Alice: This is a fuller-bodied lager than something you might get from a bigger brewery. It's one we both ended up enjoying with a curry.

Session IPA. 3.8%

Dad: Best of the bunch. Plenty of hops and fruit and an ideal session ale as it quenches your first.

Alice: I tried this beer when I visited 44 Café Bar and Bistro, you can read my review here (spoiler, I really enjoyed it).

Copper Ale. 4.0%

Dad: Very malty with a smoky aftertaste. Different and worthy of a spin as there are plenty of flavours to enjoy.

Alice: This was something a bit different, I really liked it.

Bitter. 4.2%

Dad: A classic pint. Just what you would expect from a well-rounded bitter. Very satisfying.

Alice: I know that this is probably not what you should say, but this makes a cracking shandy!

Porter. 4.0%

Dad: Your palate is bombarded with a multitude of flavours. Heavily malted with coffee and liquorice. Not normally a fan of porters, but this could change that.

Alice: I had a quick taste, but a porter just isn't for me. But, making Nigella Lawson's chocolate Guinness cake with this porter is absolutely perfect.

Overall, Windmill Hill Brewing Company certainly makes some lovely beers. Plus, the whole thing turned into some unexpected father, daughter bonding which is never a bad thing.

Want to try them for yourselves? You can buy the beers mentioned in their online shop here.


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