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Review: Zinda AirWrap

Writer Erica Pilavaki reviews Zinda Airwrap, the latest wrap on the market set to give the tortilla a run for its money.

The word ‘game-changer’ often gets thrown around willy-nilly but Zinda AirWraps have certainly come up with the goods.

Zinda Foods have masterly transformed and rejuvenated the food-to-go market (FTG) with their AirWrap, with no red traffic light on their labelling, they are giving consumers a new-found eating experience.

Zinda, which means ‘Alive’ in Sanskrit and was founded by Anishya Kumar, who has successfully disrupted the FTG market with the innovative AirWrap – a wrap that’s all-natural and much lighter than a traditional ultra-processed tortilla which is an outright winner in my books, plus due to its soft paper-thin texture it lets the fillings shine through brilliantly and harmoniously.

Collaborating with the hugely talented Michelin star chef Alfred Prasad and using the unique Airwrap as a base, Zinda have created a globally inspired range of wraps all with lip-smacking authentic flavours of the world, nutritionally balanced and maybe best of all, these symphony of flavours can be in your hands for less than £3. What more could you ask for?

With the overwhelming number of options available at your local supermarket for a quick – do away with cutlery – grab and go snack, it is still surprisingly very hard to find sensible choices, AirWraps have you covered; Not only are they low in carbs, contain no trans fats, hold no preservatives nor palm oil but they are all halal and handmade, yes handmade!

It is genuinely hard to come up with new sandwich ideas, partly because most have been done before, but AirWraps are award-winning for a simple reason, they are the heavyweight champions of flavourful wraps all while being super lightweight and lean.

The main attraction of the AirWrap is the hat trick combo of superior taste, convenience and value for money, which we can all agree is very appealing in this climate. Do not be that fool that is willing to accept a second-rate, subpar wrap when you can indulge in something as special as this. 

A few months ago, the thought of eating a wrap for dinner would have depressed me or even taking a readymade wrap to a picnic - But now I can see AirWraps catching on big time.

Buy From: Tesco Stores Nationwide


Available flavours include: Classic Chicken Caesar, Mediterranean Feta Cheese, Spicy Tuna Slaw, Chicken Makhni Wrap, Moroccan Chicken Wrap, Bombay Potato Wrap, Egg Akuri Warap.

All packaging is all bio-degradable and completely recyclable


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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