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Chatting Food LOVES: Take A Trip To Visit Massimo Bottura in Modena

Satopia Travel is delighted to announce the launch of the first Hosted Experience departure to Italy this October, hosted by Massimo Bottura.

As some parts of the world start to re-open to international travel, this October Massimo Bottura is inviting a group of guests to join him at his boutique guesthouse, Casa Maria Luigia in Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna countryside for 3 nights of exquisite Italian hospitality.

The all-inclusive itinerary is hosted by Chef Massimo Bottura himself. Guests from around the world will have a unique opportunity to not only gain access to Osteria Francescana, they will also be joined by Bottura for a private masterclass. Included in the experience is a hands-on tortellini making class with the grandmothers of Modena at Tortellante – the social enterprise initiative to support young people with Autism through learning new skills and providing local restaurants with delicious fresh pasta.

Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore opened Casa Maria Luigia, a beautifully curated guesthouse in the Emilia-Romagna countryside in 2019, alongside Francescana at Casa Maria Luigia, the intimate on-site restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests and also visitors to the region.

Bottura has continued to create new and exciting experiences for his dedicated followers and passionate fans, from his Kitchen Quarantine series to the new opening of Ristorante il Cavallino last June, located in the Ferrari HQ in Emilia-Romagna.

For the first time in more than a year, Bottura's flagship restaurant, Osteria Francescana has opened its doors again and while you might not be able to book a table until March 2022 the earliest, Bottura is offering exclusive access through his partnership with Satopia Travel to join him in Modena this October with a 3-night itinerary for guests to see the region through his eyes and mind.

The full itinerary includes accommodation at Casa Maria Luigia, his intimate 18th-Century Country House surrounded by the agricultural landscape in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna; a private dinner at Osteria Francescana; a masterclass during which the guests can immerse themselves in Massimo’s gastronomy vision; a private lunch at one of the most exclusive balsamic vinegar vineyards (acetaia) of the region where the balsamic vinegar is crafted using old age traditional methods; a guided tour of Hombre Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Organic Farm to witness the artisan cheese craftsmanship; an exclusive dinner at Francescana; and a dining experience at Casa Maria Luigia where guests can taste sensational dishes while seated at communal tables.

If that's not enough, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a cooking class with the grandmothers of Modena to learn how to make tortellini and support Tortellante, the therapeutic and qualifying lab founded by Bottura and his wife for autistic adults and teenagers.

The Emilia-Romagna region is known as the land of slow-food and fast-cars. This lush and fertile region is considered the epicentre of Italian cuisine and has given Italy and the world the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Bolognese sauce, balsamic vinegar, sparkling red Lambrusco wine, Parma-ham, prosciutto and well-known pasta such as lasagna, tagliatelle and tortellini. The opportunity to experience this region full of flavours with Bottura personally is a great reason to take off to Italy for what will be an experience to remember.

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