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Secret Food Tours Introduce a New London Gin Tour

Hey, nothing to see here, just going on a gin tour.

London has an incredibly rich history when it comes to gin and is the beating heart of the gin world.  The streets of London are paved with gin-soaked stories of the past, but London is also the home to a plethora of new and exciting craft distilleries small and large, creating gins that are absolutely world-class.

To celebrate some of the best that London has to offer, Secret Food Tours has created a brand-new tour dedicated entirely to the marvellous world of gin, and we can't get enough!

Guests will be taken on a journey throughout history to the present day as they visit trendy bars, traditional pubs, innovative gin makers and more.

Throughout this unique gin experience, Secret Food Tours’ charismatic guide, an expert in both gin and London (which always helps) will give guests the opportunity to taste around seven different gins along the journey.

The tour culminates at one of London’s most exciting craft distilleries where guests will get to have a chat with the producers and see gin being made - whoop!

There’s also the option to upgrade the experience with a food package which includes delicious delights at selected points along the tour (basically for 95% of us who need to line our stomach).

The tour operates Monday-Sunday afternoons around East London and lasts around 3-3.5 hours costing £59pp.

The upgraded food package is an extra £13.50pp

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