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Something is brewing! Zero Water joins forces with National Tea Day

Put the kettle on, tea is about to get real!

There are 100’s of teas for every occasion, every moment and every taste, so when you find a tea you love, why ignore the most important part? Water, 98% of every cuppa is water, yet we often use tap water that is high in chlorine, fluoride and containments.

These containments find the way into your water by being adding at the water company or picked up along the way travelling through pipes underground. It is no surprise to say, that the water we use in our taps isn’t the best it could be

That’s why ZeroWater has partnered with National Tea Day, to ensure that you can create the perfect cuppa, with the best water filter on the market, removing virtually all dissolved solids and containment, ensuring your water is the purest thing to bottled water. Using ZeroWater leaves pure water that is noticeable if you make tea with and without it.

National Tea Day are committed to inspiring the growth of tea, with over 165 million cups of tea drunk each day in the UK, Tea is back at the top, with more speciality teas than ever, tea is fun, vibrant and colourful and is inspiring a new generation of tea lovers.

The ZeroWater is so powerful your kettle will never need cleaning, as ZeroWater removes limescale, so it can never build up again. ZeroWater has a 5-stage filter, which removes totally all dissolved solids, toxins and contaminants. Meaning you can taste your tea like it was intended.

ZeroWater 12 cup costs £39.99 from and includes a water quality reader.

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