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Street Food Union Partners With Brixton Village

Street Food Union, with their years of experience, have partnered with Brixton Village with the aim of offering more new street food vendors a foot in the door, as well as the support they need to make their business a success.

Formally from January 2020, with plans already started behind the scenes. the team will be working with the Brixton Village team to mentor and support fledgling food traders wanting to explore a career in food.

The partnership will initially support a number of individuals including two Brixton locals who last year won the Brixton Kitchen competition, run by Brixton Village with the promise of providing local chefs looking to launch food businesses within the area the support needed to build a long term food presence.

They will offer advice, expertise and practical support for these new traders ensuring that they are best prepared for any future in the industry and supported during what can be a daunting and difficult learning curve.

To launch the partnership, and make the best use of the space over the festive period, while a plan is formulated to make the best use of the partnership opportunity in the future, throughout December we have created a Christmas pop up in the heart of Brixton with warm seating and music from local artists. Food from Bayou Bar, and their modified swat van food truck will include delicious chilli hot dogs and indulgent loaded fries while on the bar inventive hot Choctails are on offer.

Nick Willoughby, the founder of Street Food Union, said of the partnership:

“We are incredibly excited to form this partnership with Brixton Village and to be able to support local entrepreneurs in realising their ambitions to become street food traders. The concept of mentoring food businesses who work with us is something right at our core and has been since day one, but we are excited to be able to expand this offering from our existing base in Soho and so extend our offering to more future traders.

Brixton, and especially Brixton Market, is a vibrant and exciting food scene and having grown up in the area, one I can’t wait to get more involved in. Saying this we want to make sure we don’t rush into anything and take our time planning. While we do this setting up a Christmas offering, which we believe adds something new, different and delicious for the people of Brixton and the surrounding area, made complete sense”

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