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Stu Deeley Launches ‘Stu Deeley at Simpsons’

MasterChef The Professionals winner Stu Deeley returns home to Simpsons, Birmingham to launch 'Stu Deeley at Simpsons'.

Guests will be able to try dishes created through the competition before he opens his debut restaurant in the City this summer.

From March 11 2020, Stu will return to Birmingham and the restaurant he credits with

having had the biggest influence on his career to date. ‘Stu Deeley at Simpsons’ will take place at Simpsons in Edgbaston weekly from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

The exclusive Chefs Table will give diners a taste of what’s to expect when he opens his first restaurant this summer, supported by Simpsons owner, Andreas Antona.

Stu’s creativity and ability to fuse classical cooking with big flavours won over MasterChef: The Professionals judges.

Diners at his pop up will sample dishes inspired by his time on the show. These include pork belly, langoustine, black pudding, yuzu, fennel, Thai green bisque and miso cheesecake with passion fruit.

Stu comments,

‘I cook what I like to eat and whilst my dishes are grounded in classic techniques I like to think out of the box and create combinations that might not have been thought of before. It’s been fantastic to share with others who love what I’m doing. Now I’ve found my style, I want to focus on honing and perfecting it.”

Simpsons Chefs Table is an intimate dining experience for a maximum of 12 diners,

The table is connected to the Eureka development kitchen giving everyone a chance to see Stu and his chefs in action.

It will be open for lunch and dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays and for dinner only on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you’d like to meet Stu and experience the theatre of his cooking in this intimate and personal space, email: or call: 0121 454 3434.

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