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Feature: Why You Should Have A Tea-Time Routine

Struggling to get a simple nights sleep. Maybe a cup of tea could help. Sultan Teas explain why a brew before bed could help you more than you think.

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Lots of us love drinking a warming cup of tea in the morning, but should you be sipping on it before bedtime too? Can they help you get the best possible sleep?

Not all teas are recommended right before bed e.g. tea with added caffeine and tea designed to enjoy with milk and sugar but green and herbal teas can be the perfect solution to get the best possible rest at night.

Some of the reasons why green tea is the best night routine.

It’s A Natural Relaxant

Green tea contains natural relaxing and soothing properties that literally calm your body. If you suffer from any sort of tension or anxiety when you’re trying to go to sleep, enjoying a cup of green tea can help to combat this.

It Helps Your Skin Overnight

Green tea is known to help your natural production of collagen. Therefore, when you pair a night time cup of tea with your skincare routine you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of healthy and clear skin when you wake up - when drank regularly.

It’s Helps Keep Your Teeth And Gums Healthy

While it’s definitely still recommended to brush your teeth every night before bed, drinking a regular night time cup of green tea also helps to promote good oral health. As part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet, it’s good to know that the last thing you enjoy before bed is also great dentally.

Your Body Can Absorb The Goodness

It’s also been said that drinking a wellness tea before bed means that your body can absorb all those ingredients just that little bit better. Lots of wellness teas contain a wealth of yummy and healthy ingredients. From camomile to stress-relieving lemon verbena and digestion-aiding mint, all these ingredients can set to work to soothe and calm the body as you slip into a peaceful slumber. It might not be scientifically-proven yet, but it sounds like it’s worth a go to us. Right?

So… Which tea should you drink at night? And when?

While you might be aware that green tea contains natural caffeine, did you also know that it contains an amino acid called L-theanine? This ingredient works as an anti-anxiety and relaxant. Which is why green tea can be a great choice when you’re trying to catch some Zs.

Check out our range of exclusive green teas or stick to our delicious pure green tea for ultimate simplicity.

If you’re not sure about having green tea before bed, there are plenty of other options.

Best enjoyed 30 minutes before bed, another popular choice is camomile tea. This herbal tea is caffeine-free and lets you indulge in light and soothing herbal flavours as the perfect nightcap.

A unique blend of liquorice, mint, and lemon verbena, why not try our ultimate night time cup of tea, Good Night. This blend is a naturally sweet infusion that soothes and calms for a relaxing night’s sleep after every cup.


About Sultan Tea

With over 80 years of history, the Sultan Tea brand is considered an expert when it comes to tea. Decades of working with unique recipes and crafting the best brews make Sultan Tea a leader in Morocco and around the globe.

Sultan Tea has a passion for authentic Moroccan tea enjoyed around the world. From the perfect cup of Moroccan mint tea to simple yet stunning black tea, the brand has become synonymous with the best and most delicious tea flavours.

Consistently working to improve and refine flavours and create innovative new notes for tea lovers, Sultan uses only the best quality tea leaves. With the largest green tea factory in the world, Sultan’s team work tirelessly to bring the best Moroccan tea to every country. Proving that when it comes to tea, Moroccan flavour is the best in the world.


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