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The best free from advent calendars to try this Christmas

Whether you're vegan, nut-free or living with multiple allergies and intolerances, you can still enjoy a fun-filled countdown to christmas this year. Jenna Farmer rounds-up the best free from advent calendars to try this December.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2022

If you fancy a change from chocolate, checkout Candy Kitten's sweet advent calendar-which is vegan, palm oil free and gluten free. It comes with a range of their favourite flavours (from wild strawberry, orchard apple & dragon fruit, sweet raspberry & guava, sour watermelon) with enough to have two a day.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar 2022: £12, Ocado

HAPPi Advent Calendar

Oat milk brand Happi's calendar is a great choice for adults and kids alike. Using gluten-free

oat milk and ethically sourced chocolate, this advent calendar is 100% recyclable and plastic-free advent calendar, containing their famously smooth and creamy vegan chocolate pieces. HAPPi’s new Advent Calendar (RRP £15.00) is available now to order online from

Ombar Oat M*lk Calendar

This fair-trade, organic advent calendar is made with Ombar's amazingly rich vegan chocolate (which is perfect for a really indulgent treat). It's plastic free, as well also free from refined sugar and palm oil. 10p from every calendar is donated to replanting rainforests in Ecuador.

Ombar Oat M'lk Calendar is avaliable from online:

Pip and Nut Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar

Crammed full of their decadent nut butter cups in flavors such as peanut and almond. The perfect blend of vegan chocolate and creamy nut butter; these feel like a real desert and a great change from chocolate advent calendars. This calendar uses ethical chocolate, contains no palm oil is Plant based and uses natural ingredients. For every Advent Calendar sold, Pip and Nut donate three jars of peanut butter to a Hackney Foodbank.

The Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar: £20, Pip and Nut or at Ocado.

NOMO Premium Advent Calendar

NOMO’s Premium Advent Calendar is ideal for lovers of NOMO’s signature indulgent caramel flavour. Coming in an eye-catching, golden tree-shaped box, each door reveals 24 caramel filled chocolate drops wrapped in golden foil, along with a full-size Caramel Chocolate Bar to enjoy on Christmas Day!   NOMO is free from gluten, dairy, soy and nuts.


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