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Feature: The Best New Beverages

2020 is well and truly here and Spring is on the way. We thought we'd take a look at the hottest drinks products hitting the shelves in 2020 from spirits and beers to vegan wines, non-alcoholic options and even water! And we may just make your drinks cabinet look a little bit sexy.


Penzance Gin

We believe the best ideas are created over a few drinks at a pub quiz, and this is how three friends living in the same Cornish village came up with the idea for creating Penzance Gin. Made in the heart of the town the inspiration for this bathtub gin is taken from the Art Deco period. This is when both this style of gin and indeed the label's illustration 'The Jubilee Pool' were both created.

This gin has a beautiful amber colour, which is due to the length of time it is steeped in natural botanicals, to achieve a really creamy smooth aftertaste. There is a hint of citrus that runs alongside this amber nectar. 

Not only tasty but the bottle is too beautiful not to have in our drinks cabinets this year.

Available online from Penzance Gin's website


Vine & Bloom

If you are looking to start (or continue) a plant-based lifestyle, then ensuring you don't compromise on your alcoholic offering is a must.

UK retailer SPAR has made it easy to pick up a bottle of vegan-friendly wine locally thanks to its new Vine & Bloom wine range. The Vine & Bloom wines have been developed in close collaboration with long-term supplier partner, Cantina di Sociale Soave, based in Northern Italy, focusing on popular grape varieties including, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and a Rose. This is the first wine range from SPAR that highlights it’s vegan-friendly on the front label, so you won't miss out.

Vine & Bloom Pinot Grigio is ‘deliciously light and refreshing’, tasting of crisp apples & citrus fruits. Vine & Bloom Merlot is a ‘gorgeously smooth, damson fruit flavoured’ red.

Vine & Bloom Rosé is fresh, with a brambly and floral finish.

Vine & Bloom range retails at £6.50 and available at SPAR stores UK wide


Tom Savano

Yes, at times we all think we are a top mixologist. What we quickly realise is that we are not. But do you still want to impress friends with refreshing cocktails but without the margin for error?

British start-up ‘Tom Savano’ may just be your solution. The bartender-quality cocktail range made only with small-batch, artisan spirits from around the world has already won three gold and one silver medal at the 2019 Global Spirits Masters and taps into the experiential and discovery nature of cocktails.

They are hand-blended and bottled by the owner and founder James Kerslake, who spent 18 months developing the four cocktails to perfection. You will never open a pre-mixed can again.

Cocktails available include Devon Coastal Negroni, English Garden Lychee Martini, Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned and Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Buy directly for £15 from Tom Savano website


Magnum Cream Liqueur

A cream liqueur is for life, not just for Christmas. Not content with just revolutionising traditional cream liqueurs with ground-breaking flavour, Magnum Cream Liqueur is served from a unique, stainless steel milk churn. This award-winning fusion of Speyside single malt scotch whisky and cream is crafted and bottled in Edinburgh.

Its smooth, creamy caramel notes work alongside the single malt scotch whisky for a balanced taste with a warming ginger afterglow. Perfect to get you through winter.

Magnum can be purchased online in a variety of sizes with FREE UK mainland delivery. Magnum can also be purchased directly from specialists and independents throughout the UK as well as iconic outlets, including Harvey Nichols.



Vodka's reputation has taken a bit of a kick recently, as its sexy spirit sister Gin has been embraced by the millennial generation. It may have been out of the spotlight for a little bit, but it is not out of the race.

One Vodka brand pushing to get Vodka back in our glasses is Keeprs - and this time it is all about the flavour. Keepr’s recently launched British Honey & Salted Caramel English Vodka where premium British Vodka has been infused with the brand’s 100% pure unadulterated British honey from its own hives. Rich caramel is finished with a hint of salt, to create a truly smooth and delicious spirit; slightly salty with good toffee flavour and buttery honey sweetness. Perfect, right?!

British Honey & Salted Caramel English Vodka is available to buy online through the British Honey website and retails at £37.50 for 70CL



Read many food trend articles this year, and they are preaching this will be the year of rum, and we for one are not complaining. If you are a rum newbie, or just want to try something a little different then step forward Mainbrace Rum.

Mainbrace is a unique “spliced” (not spiced) rum, made from a premium blend of unaged agricole rum from Martinique and 2-5-year-old rums from 3 different stills in Guyana. This is the first time a blend of rum from Guyana and Martinique has ever been bottled!

Mainbrace is produced using locally sourced sugar cane as well as traditional pot and column still distillation. The same methods and stills were used to create rum for the British Navy as far back as 1732 and has zero colourings or sweeteners. Perfect!

Available online from Drink Finder and Ellis Wharton Wines.


Infinite Session

Are you partaking in Dry January, the regular 'designated driver' or just looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption this year?

Infinite Session brew beers to taste like your favourites, but without the alcohol, allowing you to not compromise on taste. These award-winning hop-forward alcohol-free beers are full of flavour, proving there’s more to beer than ABV. Forget thin, watery and subpar substitutes, Infinite Session’s range of beers are carefully crafted to deliver exactly what they say on the tin; crisp lager, smooth pale ale, hoppy IPA. Perfect for a weekend in front of the sport, a refreshing drink after work, or to take to the next party.

Each can has less than 40 calories, (75% less than “regular strength’ beer); WINNER!

Available to purchase:

American Pale Ale, Four-Pack Cans, 330ml, £4.50 Tesco.

IPA, Cans, 330ml, RRP. £1.50, Sainsbury’s and Majestic


CanO Water

From Buckingham Palace to front row at Fashion Week, this is the drink to be seen with. Providing a solution to plastic pollution, CanO Water was created in response to the damaging impact that plastic bottles have on the environment after a trip to a remote island opened the eyes of three close friends who then went on to launch the brand.

With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, CanO Water is an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles. Recycle a can and it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. CanO Water products are also resealable allowing you to drink on the go and also use to refill later on.

CanO Water is available from numerous stockists including Tesco, and Ocado,


Highland Boundary

Fancy something a bit different? Highland Boundary captures the unique and different flavours of Scotland, distilling them into wild inspired natural spirits with new flavours including Birch and Elderflower Wild Scottish Spirit. The spirit is produced on an on-farm distillery which sits on the geological feature called the Highland Boundary Fault, which is the dividing line between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland.

It is a clear, modern, Scottish spirit using birch buds and elderflowers picked from spring woodlands near their on-farm distillery using a copper distil to produce a smooth, tantalizing and surprising flavour with a long, warm aftertaste.

It works great as a frozen shot, over ice or with soda water garnished with a slice of apple for our perfect pour. It is a great alternative to gin or vodka in cocktails. Fancy treating friends and family to something a bit different, then grab a bottle.

Available to purchase online from Highland Boundary


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