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The Co-Kitchens: Dalston's New Digital Food Hall

Cutting out the middle man, The Co-Kitchens are connecting imaginative food brands directly with hungry Londoners.

The Co-Kitchens kiosk on Kingsland Road, Dalston, is home to up to eight different 'Food Heroes' at any one time - up-and-coming food businesses that rent a space in the cloud kitchens behind the kiosk, prepare orders on demand and pop the food into a designated locker when ready. The customer is then sent a QR code that they can use to open the locker and retrieve their order.


The tech-enabled environment means customers can order directly from the brand which helps food businesses get more money directly into their pockets, instead of delivery platforms taking up to 30% commission. It also enables new start-ups to get their food out to customers with a minimum up-front expenditure.

Orders can be placed via the app between 20 minutes or up to a day ahead of collection/delivery, or you can simply turn up to the kiosk and order using their digital menus; there is a super-helpful 'front-of-house' assistant there if needed.

Food Heroes in residence on the day we visited included Beer & Burger, Afro-Caribbean fusion brand Maroon Kitchen, delicious artisan mochi ice-cream makers Mochiya (the mixed box is a great pick) and excellent modern Mexican Caray (one of the best burritos I've had in a while, and fully customisable). Check the website to see who's in the kitchen.

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