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The new free from products to try this February

Jenna Farmer rounds up the best free-from products hitting the shelves this month.

The first gluten-free sourdough flatbread by Nairns

Nairns are a gluten-free staple brand, offering biscuits, crackers and more. These new crunchy, gluten-free flatbreads are a welcome addition and a lighter alternative to bread. They work great for dunking in soups or layering on cream cheese and a range of toppings They use gluten-free wholegrain oats, to provide a slow release of energy to keep you fuller for longer, are high fibre and are plant-based.

Nairn’s Gluten Free Sourdough Flatbreads (RRP £1.99, Waitrose)

Meridian Foods launches three new boosted peanut butters

Nut butter brand, Meridian has launched a brand-new line of three new peanut butters, all packed with superfood nutrients offering health benefits to give your regular nut butter a healthy upgrade.

The range consists of Meridian Vitamin C (which has added zesty blackcurrant for a Vitamin C boost) Meridian High Fibre (containing prebiotic chicory root fibre) and Meridian Energy Release with added oat fibre, vitamins, and minerals. All are perfect for slathering on toast, stirring into porridge or enjoyed straight from the spoon.

Meridan's boosted peanut butters are available at select Tesco stores and online, RRP £2.20.

Little Moons launches 'Refreshos,' sorbet mochi balls

Little Moons mochi balls are utterly addictive, combining sticky gluten-free rice dough with sweet ice cream. All the range is gluten-free but there are many vegan options, including these new-to-the-market Refreshos, which combine sweet and fruity sorbet with Little Moons' classic gluten-free mochi dough. The two new flavours are Very Berry and Pineapple & Mandarin.


Little Moons Refreshos are now available in Asda, RRP £4.80

Holy Moly launches new hummus range.

We love Holy Moly's avocado dips but now they've added hummus to the range. As always, these two new varieties (original hummus and pesto hummus) are both vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contain no artificial preservatives. and housed in fully recyclable packaging. The original is creamy with a hint of crushed garlic, thanks to its mix of chickpeas and tahini. Whilst the pesto combines traditional hummus with vegan basil pesto, making it the perfect addition to a slice of chunky gluten-free bread. Both are utterly delicious but the pesto is our favourite.

Holy Moly Original Hummus (£2.75) and Holy Moly Pesto Humus (£2.75) are available from Waitrose and

Good Its Gluten-Free launches new wrap kits free from all 14 allergens

This is a really exciting one. Good It’s Gluten Free is a new food brand specifically designed for those of us who are gluten-free. They aim to bring indulgent, treat-worthy takeaway flavours to those with dietary requirements and it's not just gluten that's off the menu-their kits are 14-allergen-free. Their latest wrap kits include 6 super-sized gluten-free flour tortillas (a rarity to find when gluten-free) along with spice mixes and sauces-so you just need to add your protein. The range includes spicy fajita to sweet hoisin. As close to a gluten-free feast as we've found yet.

Good Its Gluten Free Wrap Kits are now available in Asda, £3.99

Fix8 Kombucha Arrives In Ocado.

Gut-health lovers rejoice! British Kombucha brand, Fix8, has just launched three new recipes of their delicious Kombucha sodas, designed to taste great whilst giving your gut a dose of probiotic cultures. The new flavours include Strawberry Basil (our favourite, it's super refreshing and fruity!), Sicilian Citrus and Ginger Turmeric. They're low in calories and contain 25% of your daily vitamin C.

Fix 8 is now available in Ocado and Waitrose, priced £2.

NOMO launches flexi-feb

NOMO has launched it's second Flexi-Feb to encourage people to cut back on dairy and meat by adopting vegan substitutes. It has partnered with social enterprise Change Please who will hand out a free NOMO chocolate bar for each plant-based coffee bought as part of the month to encourage flexi-choices – the coffee chain aims to end homelessness with 100% of its profits going towards the cause.


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