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The Orange Buffalo to open in Tooting this Summer

Did someone say wings? They are coming to Tooting this June.

If you wanted a portion of The Orange Buffalo's wings you have made the trip to Brick Lane or Hoxton - but not for much longer. From June, The Orange Buffalo will open its new restaurant in Tooting Broadway.

What Can I Eat?

The Orange Buffalo is known for its award-winning wings and has now expanded to include delicious chicken burgers and an array of exceptional authentic Orange Buffalo sauces including

  • The Original tangy sauce made with Dutch chillies,

  • Woof Woof made with Scotch Bonnets and Dutch chillies and a hint of Naga.

  • Snake in a Basket is the perfect way to turn up the heat; featuring seven Original or Woof Woof wings with one hidden Viper Wing – a wing so hot due to its high 1 million+ Scoville content, anti-venom mini-milks can be purchased to extinguish the fire. (Gosh!)

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Options?

Yes, the Vegan Wing – a fluffy and crisp ‘wing’ made from cauliflower!

Who are The Orange Buffalo?

Hailing from Hull, Orange Buffalo is the brainchild of Mike So and Nick White, who decided to bring a flavour of the US back to the UK after embarking on a US road trip which landed them in a plethora of American dive bars, eating some of the most unfussy, satisfying, and moreish bar foods (as you do).

Deciding to make their own sauce for the wings, Mike and Nick developed a unique yet authentic flavour that has helped them win the first wing-fest in London and a plethora of awards including Double Award at London’s 1st Wingfest (2013); ‘Best Loved Restaurant’ in the Time Out Love London Awards (2016); ‘Best Pub Grub Brighton 2017’ for The Joker, Brighton (2017); and starred in the Bradley Cooper film ‘BURNT’ (2015), and the Adidas ‘do-over’ video (2014).

How do I get there?

Located a stone’s throw from Tooting’s Tram Social, Orange Buffalo’s new restaurant opens for lunch through to dinner.

Address: 46 Mitcham Rd Tooting London SW17 9NA

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