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Meat Free Marvel The Unbelievable ALT Launches Nationwide

Meat-free brand The Unbelievable ALT launch their range of vegan meat alternative products nationwide in Tesco this month.

Love the first bite of a banging lasagne? Go crazy for the taste of a tangy, meaty taco? The Unbelievable ALT have launched four meat alternative products made from a blend of plant proteins and natural ingredients and include no preservatives, e-numbers, or animal products.

Proudly placing themselves on the meat aisles in Tesco store nationwide the brand is looking to offer a tasty meat alternative and convince meat eaters there is a more sustainable option.  Every pack of The Unbelievable ALT. offers two on-pack recipes, whether you’re cooking up a classic like a spanking spag bol or something a little more adventurous, like phenomenal pho or chickenless pot pie. Whatever you’re cooking up at home, The Unbelievable ALT. has got you covered with four meat-free marvels: 

· Tender Chickenless Pieces

· Mighty Beefless Mince

· Tender Beefless Pieces

· Tender Lambless Pieces

Available from Tesco Stores

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