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Try It Thursday! The 3 Products You Should Try This Week

Thursday is absolutely nearly Friday, and so what better time to grab some product inspiration and treat yourself to something new to try this weekend. This week we suggest you perk up with a microdrink, become ruler of the BBQ or butty with a range of sauces and add some gut-friendly cream cheese to your fridge treats.

Biotiful launches Kefir Cheese

Biotiful Dairy, known for being experts in gut-friendly kefir drinks and snacks, is launching another exciting UK first; Kefir Cheese. This deliciously creamy, cultured soft cheese is made with British milk and authentic Kefir cultures which contain billions of gut-friendly bacteria - wish will no doubt help with any overindulgence we have been doing.

Available in Original, Herbs & Garlic and Red Pepper & Cumin, Kefir Cheese makes for a tastier, creamier swap for cottage cheese and over-delivers on natural, functional health when compared with traditional cream cheese.

Price: £1.50

Buy From: Sainsbury’s

Perk up with NERO from Waterdrop

WaterDrop New Nero Range
(c) waterdrop

It’s easy to feel lethargic when spending an increased amount of time indoors, with energy lagging it’s more important than ever to drink more water, stay focused and get that mojo back. Waterdrop®, known for their microdrinks (and they are tiny cubes of fizzing energy which you just pop into water) introduces NERO to their popular collection, their only flavour with natural caffeine.

Packed full of refreshing and invigorating ingredients: guarana, cola nut, blackberry and a touch of activated charcoal, NERO keeps you alert and gives you extra focus whenever you need it. Just what we needed.

Price: Available in packs of 12 microdrinks (£8.90)

Buy From: Waterdrop Store

Saucy Selection Pack from Hawkshead Relish

You may have heard of Hawkhead Relish for their range of stunning range of products. Starting in with just a small range of products the artesian producer based in the village of Hawkshead in The Lake District now stock over 100 products including everything from fudge and beer, to bottles of ketchup and pate.

One of their latest ranges is a selection of 6 sauces no home should be without this summer. The Saucy Selection Pack is available now and includes Black Garlic Ketchup, Bloody Mary Ketchup, Fruity Brown Sauce, Damson Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Tomato Ketchup. Perfect for all BBQ guests.

All products are all vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

Price: £16.95 for all 6 sauces

Buy From: Hawkshead Relish


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