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Does Your Favourite Lockdown Takeaway Make The Top 10?

We've all indulged in a lockdown takeaway, but which meal has had us going back for more? Foodhub take a look at our favourite takeaways. Is yours in the Top Ten takeaways?

When the chips are down, it appears Brits turn to good old-fashioned grub as fish ‘n’ chips are revealed as the most popular takeaway food during the lockdown.

The sales data from the online takeaway delivery platform, Foodhub, reveals the traditional dish has doubled in popularity with a massive 208% uplift in fish n chips orders since lockdown as uncertainty calls for familiar comfort food.

This is followed by Quarter Pounder Burgers (158%) and Donner Kebabs (156%) as Brits look for ways to satisfy their taste for fast food.

Other foods on the up since lockdown include Chicken Nuggets (146%), Sausage and Chips (152%), Chicken Burgers (147%) and Garlic Bread (148%).

Pizzas are also included in the top 10 most ordered foods with Hawaiian proving the most popular, followed by Pepperoni.

Desserts have also increased in popularity since lockdown proving our love for sweet treats when things turn sour, with Cheesecake the favourite up 129%, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream up 113% and Chocolate Cake also up 113%.

Philip Mostyn, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “For many of us, takeaways have provided us small moments of joy and a break from the monotony we’re all experiencing in lockdown. It’s interesting to see how, as a nation, we’re turning to the old favourites and seeking comfort in familiar nostalgic foods, such as Fish ‘n’ Chips.”

Overall, orders through Foodhub have increased over 50% since lockdown.

Foodhub is an online food website and app launched in 2017. There are more than 12,000 takeaways currently featured online at and through the apps available for iOS and Android.

Foodhub is unique in that it does not take a commission from the food establishments for each order placed. This enables them to offer better prices and deals to customers than other online food platforms.

Top 10

  1. Fish n Chips (up 208%)

  2. Quarter Pounder Burgers (up 158%)

  3. Donner Kebabs (up 156%)

  4. Sausage and Chips (up 152%)

  5. Garlic Bread (up 148%)

  6. Chicken Burgers (up 147%)

  7. Chicken Nuggets (up 146%)

  8. Cheesecake (up 129%)

  9. Pizza (up 115%)

  10. Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (up 113%)

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