Feature: This Valentine's We Pair Aphrodisiacs and Wine

We're not saying you even have to be loved up. Whether you are in a long term relationship, married or just single and ready to mingle, Winebuyers has the perfect selection of wine for the right balance of passion and culinary delight - any time of the year.

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels
Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Aphrodisiacs, or foods that arouse sexual instinct, have been historically considered the foods of love. The popular libido-lifting ingredients are said to create feelings of desire and when paired with wine, will make for a delicious evening worth remembering.

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Oysters and English Sparkling Wine

Let’s start with the most classic aphrodisiac pairing: Oysters and bubbly.

Oysters are one of the foods most commonly thought to have aphrodisiac effects, owed to the fact they contain zinc, which is necessary to produce testosterone, as well as amino acids and serotonin, which enhance the body’s response to pleasure.

Similarly, so much about sparkling wine is sensual; from the sound of the cork’s pop, the putter and fizz as the wine trickles into the base of the glass, to the release as the wine arrives on the palate.

Together, they make for an unrivalled sensual pairing.

Wine: Fox & Fox - Meunier Blanc De Noirs Brut 2014 £39.00

Grapes: Pinot Meunier

ABV: 12%

If you’re looking to impress the wine lover in your life, we recommend this Blanc de Noirs from East Sussex showcasing the rarest grape in Champagne, Pinot Meunier.

Currently the only English Blanc de Noirs from Pinot Meunier, this wine captures the black fruit romance of the grape and creates a rich, rounded wine, filled with blackberry and blueberry flavours, elegant mousse and a clean finish.

This sparkling wine really needs nothing alongside it, but Valentine’s Day isn’t about need. Shucked rock oyster with a squeeze of lemon juice will make the match.

Black Truffles and Portuguese Red 

Truffles are often considered an aphrodisiac as it’s believed their musky scent replicates the scent of male pheromones. While both white and black truffles are thought of as an aphrodisiac luxury, it is the rarer blacks that have the most concentrated aphrodisiac potency. Their rarity and short-season make them among the most elusive, luxury goods of the culinary world.

For those that love truffles little can equal them. Their earthy and musky scent wants a premium wine that’s rich without being simple.

Wine: Herdade Do Mouchão - Mouchao Red 2013 £44.99

Grapes: Alicante Bouchet

ABV: 14%

This Portuguese Bouchet is an intense garnet in colour, with aromas of black fruit jam, ripe olives, mint and spices.

Its structure is distinct and possesses a clear freshness, alongside solid and exuberant tannins that guarantee its longevity; a mark of high-quality wine. 

Look for simple preparation in terms of the food. Fresh tagliatelle with grated fresh truffle ought to earn the chef huge credit.

Steak and Les Amoureues